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Tunnel furnace for rubber vulcanization in nitrogen atmosphere.
Rubber extrusion and vulcanization line.
Rubber extrusion and vulcanization line with a fi 60 mm extruder
Rubber extrusion and vulcanization line with shape measurement of extruded profiles.

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Sample production lines for rubber and silicone vulcanization.

We offer many models of extruders for rubber and silicone. Among them there are devices designed and built to the customer's special order and therefore adapted to the customer's requirements and needs. Thanks to the cooperation of our clients, such as Polish and foreign universities and many production companies, unique technical solutions have been created. Our builders work with our customers to design manufacturing machines that meet their specific needs. Tailor-made products, in cooperation with the client, are distinguished not only by their original design, but above all by functionality, ergonomics and excellent technical parameters. Innovative projects as a result of implementation are to provide buyers with new adapted machines.

The offer of the rubber extrusion and vulcanization line is based on a complete series of types of single-screw extruders for rubber and silicone with screw diameters from 32mm to 120mm in the L/D to 22 range. The construction of the extruders is based on innovative design assumptions, modern components and is based on many years of experience collected in the rubber and silicone processing industry.

We offer vulcanization systems based on modern and energy-saving technologies of hot air combined with IR (Infrared) radiation, which penetrates the material accelerating the vulcanization process.
The vulcanization system consists of a blast furnace and a segmented tunnel vulcanization furnace. The vulcanization system can be configured according to the customer's expectations [length, width, speed, number and distribution of radiators]. Our vulcanization lines enable the production of rubber profiles for almost all industries, including, above all, for the automotive, household appliances, construction, transport and military industries.

In addition, our offer includes heads for rubber and silicone extrusion, caterpillar haul-offs, cooling tubs, systems for measuring the diameter of hoses and pipes.


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