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Tunnel curing ovens designed for continuous vulcanization of rubber.

Tunnel ovens built on the basis of infrared radiators ensure a short heating time and vulcanization in the entire volume of the extruded profile. The use of infrared radiators enables faster vulcanization and better temperature distribution throughout the section, thus ensuring high stability of the product dimensions and higher quality. This is possible due to the fact that the radiators used in the tunnel kiln emit about 60% of the heat energy in the form of radiation, which reaches the vulcanized profile immediately and penetrates its interior. Thanks to the optimized design of the reflector, we can reduce energy consumption. There are separate heating zones in the furnace, enabling the selection of individual parameters of the vulcanization process, depending on the shape of the vulcanized gasket (profile) and the speed of extrusion and vulcanization.

The regulation of the vulcanization process is carried out by means of an advanced control system for the power of the radiators. The construction of the tunnel kiln allows the opening of individual segments, enabling easy changeover of the conveyor belt in the tunnel chamber and control of the process during its operation.

The advantage of infrared ovens is their very short time necessary to be fully operational. Thanks to this, the energy losses needed to heat the chamber are significantly reduced. Effective insulation of the furnace minimizes heat emission to the environment, limiting additional losses of electricity.


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