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OG-400 and OG-600 laboratory caterpillar lashings.

In laboratory extrusion lines, caterpillar lashings play an important role. Caterpillar lashing is a universal solution, because it allows the transport of profiles with different cross-sections, from filaments for 3D printers to profiles, pipes, tapes with larger cross-sections. The extraction is an important element of the plastic extrusion line, because it is responsible for the dimensional accuracy of the extruded profile.

The precise control of the linear speed by means of the caterpillar lashing allows very precise adjustment of the profile dimensions. The caterpillar haul-off can cooperate with a laser measuring device.

In tracked laboratory lashings, the track spacing is adjusted with the help of a servo electric mechanism through a precise trapezoidal screw. The distance between the tracks is measured by a precise measuring transducer. The operator sets the expected track distance from the touch pad. The caterpillar haul-off is equipped with modern independent drives of both caterpillars, which ensure reliable and stable operation [each caterpillar is driven independently].

An important feature of our laboratory caterpillar lashings is the symmetrical movement of both caterpillars relative to the axis of the extruded profile when adjusting the distance between the caterpillars. Laboratory caterpillar extractors are equipped with their own digital PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) and HMI (Human Machine Interface) touch panel.


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