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Laboratory rolling mills for processing rubber and polymer mixtures.

A characteristic feature of the rolling mills is a wide range of operational parameters, enabling the implementation of research on processing processes in a wide range for rubber, plastics and polymers.
The most important feature of our rolling mills is the ability to simulate industrial rolling processes in laboratory conditions, safety of operation, ergonomics and short preparation time of the rolling mill for the next test are equally important.

The rolling mill is equipped with doubling mechanisms for regulating the rotational speed of the rolls and friction in the full range of rotational speeds with high accuracy. The unique electrical gap adjustment mechanism between the rollers automatically controls the parallelism of the rollers during operation. The ability to quickly adjust the gap between the rolls and its continuous control as well as the ability to change it during the rolling process determine the efficiency of the process and material savings. The driving mechanisms and the mechanisms regulating the distance between the rolls are adapted to transfer high torques and forces during rolling.

The rolling mill can be equipped with automatic programmable liquid and granule dispensers. All settings can be saved in the device's memory. The temperature of the rollers is measured by means of 6 precise temperature transducers, arranged in such a way as to enable control along and around the circumference of the roller. The rolling mill is a universal precision automated research tool. It enables testing of rubber and polymer mixtures.

Zamak Mercator manufactures rolling mills in three roll sizes: LM-150/320 LM-200/400 LM-250/500 and LM-300/600 on special order


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