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Winders and laboratory warehouses of the extruded profile.

Lines for extrusion of plastics, in order to conduct research, require the use of twin-screw and single-screw extruders, which are the most important devices, such as winders, magazines and extruded profile tension compensators.

Winders enable the winding of filament, tubes, tapes or other extruded profiles in laboratory technological lines. Laboratory winders are adapted to wind the extruded product on spools with a maximum diameter of 200 [mm], 400 [mm] or 600 [mm]. The reel mounting mechanism is equipped with easy-to-use clamps or expansion shafts.

The winders are equipped with a counter for the length of the wound profile, a gauge for the tension force of the extruded profile. The spools of the winder are driven by modern independent electric drives. For the proper laying of the line on the spool, a mechanical layer from Uhing GmbH or a digital layer from Zamak Mercator are used, which are mechanically or digitally coupled with the winder's spool drive.

The winder cooperates with the profile magazine through a digital control system, ensuring stable profile tension and extruded profile storage functions in the time necessary to replace the spool on which the extruded profile is wound. The warehouse of extruded profiles is equipped with a laser measurement of the position of the spools. Winders used in laboratory extrusion lines are equipped with their own digital PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) and HMI (Human Machine Interface) touch panel.


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