Laboratory extruder RES-2PM 2x20 mm-Pharma
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Pharmaceutical extruder RES-2PM 2x20 mm

Pharmaceutical extruder RES-2PM 2x20 mm

Pharmaceutical extruder RES-2PM 2x20 mm

Laboratory extruder RES-2PM 2x20 mm-Pharma

Scalability from lab to pharmaceutical production.

The RES-2PN 2x20mm-Pharma Laboratory Modular Pharmaceutical Extruders are a valuable research and development tool for performing research that will eventually be scaled up to production. In addition to preventing the use of valuable production resources, significant material cost savings can be achieved by making small batches of the product. The key to applying scale of operation is the flexibility of the laboratory pharmaceutical extruder. Versatile lab extruder allows processes to be tested and modified for best results before scaling up to production.

A key factor in successful scaling is ensuring that the material has exactly the same experience in lab extruders as it does in production pharmaceutical extruders. Zamak Mercator Laboratory Extruders are fully customizable and can be equipped with specialized process control instrumentation to continuously measure and record parameters for accurate process mapping. The technical parameters of our pharmaceutical extruders are high. Our pharmaceutical extruders are compact, versatile, yet stable and precise. They have built-in digital control with a touch panel operator, they can work in the Ethernet network. They do not require connection to an external computer to work, they can be controlled wirelessly from a tablet. Laboratory pharmaceutical extruders RES-2PN 2x20mm-Pharma Zamak Mercator turn out to be a very profitable investment in equipment designed for research on hot extrusion of complex mixtures of active drugs.

Technical data of the device
Extruder screws length: - L/DMaximum rotation of the extruder screws: - obr/min
Important performance characteristics
Laboratory twin screw extruders easy and convenient access of horizontally split cylinder 2 x 16-24mm lab extruder
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Technical description

Laboratory modular extruders for extruding new pharmaceutical products RES-2PN 2x20mm-Pharma

Laboratory pharmaceutical extruders are small versions of production extruders. However, there are many differences between laboratory and production extruders. Laboratory extruders are more extensively equipped with functions that allow testing many materials, which makes them very versatile devices. They have functionalities that facilitate and accelerate the research process. Laboratory pharmaceutical extruders are equipped with a rich set of precise measuring sensors .

Construction elements of the pharmaceutical extruder:

Additional equipment of the pharmaceutical extruder:

The pharmaceutical extruder provides measurement and monitoring of the following parameters in the extrusion process using standard instrumentation:

By monitoring these parameters, it is possible to effectively conduct research on the extrusion process. The condition must be met that the measurements made are reliable and the operation of the regulators is reliable and repeatable. In this way, the research process can be maintained and optimized and can be characterized by important aspects. Extrusion system parameters, such as specific energy, can be determined by these parameters.
The extruder instrumentation mentioned above allows the operator to control the extruder in an optimal way. Some critical quality attributes can be combined using the parameters of the extrusion system with values monitored by the extruder instrumentation. It is important that changes in the operating parameters of the extruder are reliable.
Zamak Mercator lab extruders are modular in design to facilitate configuration changes. In particular, the configuration of the extruder screws has a significant impact on the extrusion process and can be designed to achieve high or low shear.

Parameters defining the screws of the pharmaceutical extruder:

(Di) is the internal diameter of the extruder screw and (D0) is the diameter of the extruder barrel The ratio D0/D is very important and indicates the available free volume of the extruder screws The length of the extruder barrel is given as a multiple of the diameter of the extruder barrel [Do] This means that an extruder of length 40 L/D has a length equal to 40 times the outer diameter of the extruder screws. For scaling purposes, it is important to keep the functional length and D0/D ratio constant.

Advantages of pharmaceutical hot extrusion [HME].In the pharmaceutical industry, hot melt extrusion has been used for a variety of purposes, such as:

Increasing the dissolution rate and bioavailability of APIs that are poorly soluble in water are important challenges in the development of dosage forms. One approach is to form a solid dispersion solution of the drug with hydrophilic excipients. thermodynamic barrier to dissolution Once formulated, hot extrusion is a reliable and robust process offering cost-effectiveness advantagesCompared to other solid solution manufacturing processes, the extrusion process is much less complex The production of such dosage forms requires only a few steps and avoids the use of organic solvents.

Hot extrusion also has advantages over solid solution/dispersion forming methods using solvent methods:

In addition to oral medicinal preparations, the hot extrusion technique can be used to produce parenteral depots such as implants and stents, and topical delivery systems such as dermal or transdermal patches. For these applications, the extrusion process is often combined with a shaping or injection molding step.

A look into the future of HME pharmaceutical hot extrusion.

The value of 'continuous processing' in the pharmaceutical industry is recognized Hot extrusion (HME) is a manufacturing process widely used in the plastics industry and has considerable potential as a continuous pharmaceutical process.

New chemical entities that exhibit poor bioavailability due to solubility problems are prime candidates for hot extrusion. This technology can be used to disperse such drugs in a given matrix at the molecular level by forming a solid solution. Combined with the use of dispersed, amorphous and molecularly dissolved systems, it can be apply a range of other formulation techniques using a melt extrusion approach. HME has also been shown to provide many different advantages in the production of thin films for both drug delivery and wound care. Hot extrusion technologies can offer numerous advantages over traditional methods. Shorter and more efficient lead times to the final product.Environmental benefits of eliminating solvents in processing (including recyclability) Increased drug delivery efficiency to the patient makes hot extrusion an exciting challenge for pharmaceutical scientists.

A wide range of dosage forms and applications from oral to topical can be prepared Solid dispersions or solid dissolutions of drug embedded in carrier matrices can allow for sustained release and improved dissolution rates A wide range of functional excipients are available Potential drug and matrix degradation may be hampered by high process temperatures and shear forces. However, these challenges can be overcome through formulation and equipment design and engineering approaches. Selection of low melt media or use of compatible plasticizers can reduce

Zamak Mercator is a manufacturer of pharmaceutical twin-screw extruders with screw diameters of 2 x 12 mm and 2 x 16 mm.
Pharmaceutical research twin-screw extruders designed for larger tasks [applications] with screw diameters: 2 x 20 mm and 2 x 24 mm.

Drive modules for laboratory extruders.

Drive modules, Extruder Blue Power contain the main drive of extruders and other devices with a maximum power of up to 26.4 KW and a torque of up to 1100 Nm, a cooling system for hoppers, a degassing system and a complete digital control system for attached devices, which it recognizes and configures automatically.

Drive Modules are the basic element of the system of research equipment for the plastics and rubber processing industry, manufactured by ZAMAK MERCATOR. In cooperation with executive modules, they allow for the mapping of industrial processes in laboratory conditions.


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