Air-cooled granulator with a twin-screw extruder
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Air-cooled granulator with a RES-2PN 2x12mm twin-screw extruder and a gravimetric feeder

Air-cooled granulator with a RES-2PN 2x12mm twin-screw extruder and a gravimetric feeder

Air-cooled granulator with a RES-2PN 2x12mm twin-screw extruder and a gravimetric feeder
Granulator with air cooling and single screw extruder RED 16 12mm L/D=32
Granulator with air cooling and a single-screw extruder from the MiniLab series

Air-cooled granulator with a twin-screw extruder

The granulator, which, together with the RES-2PN 2x20mm or RES-2PN 2x20mm twin-screw extruder, is a technically advanced tool for creating new plastic granules.

Twin-screw extruders RES-2PN 2x20mm or RES-2PN 2x20mm have excellent performance parameters and high functionality. They can be equipped with side dosing systems and Movacolor's advanced gravimetric or volumetric dosing systems. The dispensers can dispense powders, granules, liquids. Zamak Mercator additionally offers high-pressure liquid dispensers based on gear pumps. The stand is designed to test materials that can be cut without the use of cooling water directly at the extruder head.

The key device that has a decisive influence on the possibilities of conducting research is a laboratory twin-engine extruder. In the basic version, the stand is offered with a twin-screw extruder from the Vertex II series, model RES-2PM 2x24mm, and optionally with an extruder from the Vertex II series, model RES-2PM 2x20mm. These extruders have unparalleled possibilities in terms of offered parameters, equipment and configuration possibilities.

The offered extruders can be made in versions for processing plastics, food and in an acid-resistant version applicable in pharmacy or for testing ceramic materials. The modular design of the devices included in the test stand allows you to change the configuration of the devices during use. The extruders can be equipped with dosing systems for powders, granules, liquids and other devices from the Zamak Mercator offer. The software of the extruders and the granulator can be adapted to the customer's expectations.

To sum up, Zamak Mercator laboratory twin-screw extruders in combination with an air-cooled granulator create a perfect tool for creating new plastic mixtures, conducting reactive extrusion, creating dye carriers, filling plastics with mineral or metallic powders.
Technical data of the device
Device control:HMI touch panel and PLC controller Granule length:2 to 5 mm
Maximum rotation speed of the knife:980/1450/2600/3500 obr/minCutting into petals:0.1 to 1 mm
Adjustment of the rotational speed of the knife:Yes [Inverter] Maximum line speed of the lines:dependent on the extruder m/min
Number of cutting blades:3 or 6 szt.Security system:Yes
Blade drive motor power:2.2 kWDigital PLC controller:Yes
The diameter of the cut lines:1.5 to 4 mm
Important performance characteristics
Zamak Mercator laboratory granulation station - important functional features of the granulator
Ważne cechy użytkowe
Technical description

Research extruders RES-2PN 2x24 mm RES-2PN 2x20 and Zamak Mercator provide scientists with a high ability to map and design industrial processes in the conditions of a research laboratory. and functionality The downscaling of the machine combined with the versatile adaptability to almost any processing task and the easy operation of the system make laboratory extruders the perfect instrument for research.

The construction of modular and non-modular extruders is based on innovative design assumptions, modern components and is based on many years of experience gained in the plastics processing industry.

Zamak Mercator is a manufacturer of laboratory twin-screw extruders with screw diameters: 2 x 12 mm and 2 x 16 mm.
Twin-screw research extruders designed for larger tasks [applications] with screw diameters: 2 x 20 mm and 2 x 24 mm.

Our research extruders are reliable and repeatableThe preparation time for subsequent tests is shortIn the practice of a research laboratory, meeting such an assumption means that in a short time the extruder must reach and stabilize the working parameters set by the scientist Changes of the set parameters must be reliable, repeatable and fast All measurement data must be reliable.
You can get reliable scale-up, reduced time-to-market.

Our laboratory twin-screw extruders offer flexible configurations from small batches to pilot scale or low-volume production and are ideal for research and development in the polymer, pharmaceutical, biology and nanotechnology sectors. Our laboratory extruders meet a wide range of process requirements, even for the most difficult formulations.

The purpose of applying the described solutions used in twin-screw extruders is to obtain the possibility of conducting research on any thermoplastics, polymers and other materials in a large range of temperatures and screw torques. extruder for a specific task in a short time The extruder quickly responds to temperature changes by the operator.Rich additional equipment and the ability to change the configuration further expand the possibilities of conducting research.

Important functional features of laboratory twin-screw extruders.


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