Filament production line with fi 2x24mm extruder
Lines for the production and testing of filaments for 3D printers > Filament lines for 3D printers

Filament production line with fi 2x24mm extruder

Line for the production of filaments for 3D printers

Line for the production of filaments for 3D printers

Line for the production of filaments for 3D printers
Line for the production of filaments for 3D printers
Line for the production of filaments for 3D printers
Filament production lines for 3D printers with a 2 x 24 mm twin-screw extruder

The production of fusible fibers for 3D printers is a highly valued technology. It launched industrial innovation, ensuring cost-effective production of a wide range of fibers (filaments) necessary for 3D printers operating using FDM additive printing technology. Fused fiber fabrication is one of the most widely used technologies that has found the maximum number of applications in all types of manufacturing sectors, including biomedical, aerospace, automotive, pharmaceutical, construction, electrical and electronic food and various others. Thanks to the highest level of printing flexibility and profitability, it maintains the largest share in the 3D printing industry.

Filament for 3D printers is produced by free extrusion. This is one of the most difficult processing techniques by extrusion, due to the particularly large impact of process parameters on the dimensions of the product. Due to the high quality requirements for the product, which is the filament for 3D printers, when introducing a new material into production, the selection of processing parameters is made using the experimental method. The introduction of any changes to the material recipe and processing conditions (process and ambient temperatures, raw material drying efficiency, line configuration) will affect the quality of the filament.

For the above reasons, the filament production line must be built with devices with high technical parameters. It is important to be able to precisely and at the same time repeatably set [adjust] all device parameters; such as temperatures [extruders, water in tubs, pressures, extruder speeds, material pumps, extraction].

The use of a twin-screw extruder instead of a single-screw extruder in the filament extrusion line for 3D printers opens up new possibilities for filament production.

Twin screw extruder has high mixing capacity. This is because it has a wide range of specialized screw segment designs, such as kneading blocks, back-pressing elements, mixing elements, conveying elements, etc.
This design factor allows the extruder to precisely and accurately match the configuration to processing needs.
When it comes to controlling the parameters of the entire process, twin screw extruders are much better than single screw extruders. This includes shorter residence time, higher convective heat transfer, control of mixing, shear and fine control of the temperature profile.

Due to the positive pumping action of the screws, twin screw extruders can handle a wide variety of raw materials and blend recipes, including complex recipes.
The use of side feeders makes it possible to fill the plastic alloy with mineral and metallic powders.
By using a twin-screw extruder in the filament line, we omit the granulation process and the need to melt the granulate again.

Filament lines equipped with a 2x24 mm twin-screw extruder or another from the Zamak Mercator offer enable direct extrusion of filament with additives or filled with powders, fibers or other materials. This is possible due to the extensive equipment offered for twin-screw extruders.

Technical description

Requirements for lines for the production of filament used in 3D printing.

Since filaments for 3D printers working with the use of FDM technology are subject to very high requirements regarding uniformity, diameter and ovality, the lines used for their production must also meet high requirements:

The technical and operational requirements for the line for the production of filament for 3D printers are not small, therefore the software that allows you to manage all devices working in the line should provide:


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