Filament for 3D printer – quality of your product depends on it!


Since years we observe the huge development of 3D printing technology, and from year to year newer devices using innovative printing techniques are being created.

However, it all have started in 1984, when an American scientist Charles Hull has invented a stereolithograph.

Over the years, the „layer by layer” printing technology has been developed rapidly, have been created new techniques using more unusual materials. The theme of 3D printing was more and more popular and finally we what we can observe, it is topic numer one.

Lower machinery costs and increased distribution capabilities of the produced printers enable the production of equipment in such areas as i.a. the armaments industry, architecture and medicine.

Nowadays, in 3D printing technology there are five methods of production.

The first one is SLA (Stereolitography), which consists of printing using a light-hardening resin using a laser. The second method is DLP (Digital Light Processing), which is quite similar to the SLA method, but curing occurs on the basis of the light emitted from the projector.

Another is SLS (Selective Laser Sintering), using powder sintering. The fourth way is SLM/DMLS (Selective Laser Melting) - 3D printing with powdered metals, and the last one is FDM/FFF (Fused Deposition Modeling/Fused Filament Fabrication), which uses plastic for printing, a.o. thermoplastic materials.

FDM technology is the most popular method, because of the easiest use and available for the average user - even at home conditions you can  create e.g.: everyday articles or toys for children. In the FDM technology you can use materials like: ABS, PLA, PET and various types of composites e.g. with carbon fibers, ceramic powder or metals.

However, printer will not create a good product without a filament of excellent quality. Just like in the printing industry - if we want to publish a beautifully presented book, we have to use the best quality of printing ink and paper.

Filament production for 3D printing have to be perfect and this requires to use the highest quality equipment.

Decisively, the best Polish producer of 3D filament printing machines is ZAMAK MERCATOR.

Due to innovative solutions and many years of experience in the production of equipment for plastics processing, ZAMAK MERCATOR has created a leading on a European scale line for the production of filament used in 3D printers.

It is characterized by very high speed up to 85m/min and efficiency - over 20kg/h, and it keep a high dimensional accuracy of the obtained filament - up to 0.03m. It allows the production of filaments of 1.75 and 3mm in diameter from all types of thermoplastics with processing temperatures up to 400 ° C using different types of fillings such as wood chips, particles or short fibers.

ZAMAK MERCATOR machines are economical and environmental friendly - all processes take place at very low energy consumption and due to advanced automatics ZAMAK MERCATOR line can be operated from one touch panel or even from a tablet, what does not require additional training and allows to save time.

Taking into consideration the above features, there is no doubts why the ZAMAK MERCATOR machines are top products not only on the Polish market but also on foreign markets.

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