3D Printing – Investment in future


3D printing is well-known in architecture but until now house making with this method was just a demonstration.

Eindhoven, one of the Netherland city, will be first place in the world where residental buldings will be built with 3D printing method! The first five houses probably appear in 2019. The smallest building, which has 2 sleeprooms, has already find many of potencial buyers. The project named „Project Milestone” has been created by Netherland building company „Van Wijen” and Eindhoven Univeristy of Technology where house 3D printing method was created. This technlogy reduces building costs and it is eco friendly. A big printer which makes the buildings has a huge arm which creates layer by layer the cement construction elements . „Van Wijen” company has already experience in making projects – a few months ago they printed bridge on 3D printer, which is use succesfully until now.

Rapidly developing branch of 3D printing is a big chance for a lot of companies in Poland and whole world. In medicine implants, bones or joints are printed in 3D for several years. In production, machine components, bolts or screws are created by 3D printers either. For 3D printing we need filament, like in ordinary printer – ink. ZAMAK MERCATOR as a producer of filament production line is doing very well in this situation.  Very easy access to polimer mixture makes filament production very simple. With ZAMAK MERCATOR machines and lines it is possible to save much time and money – you do not need to buy prepared filament from the other producers. With our machines your company become completely self-sufficient.

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