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Food processing by extrusion.

Health and nutrition is the most demanding field in this era and will be in the future as well. Extrusion cooking has advantages over other food processing techniques due to its continuous process and high yield. The food extrusion process ensures the retention of nutrients due to the high temperature and short required residence time of the food in the extruder.


Sustainable world of the society of the future

Zamak Mercator creates technologies and products that contribute to the implementation of a sustainable society of the future, both through a direct contribution to saving energy used by our customers, and indirectly to environmental protection implemented through our customers' products.
Sustainable development concepts can be defined as humanity's ability to develop while meeting current needs without compromising the ability of


New miniature laboratory lines from the Minilab series

Innovative projects as a result of implementation are to provide buyers with new adapted machines. Thanks to them, tasks are to be performed faster, better, more conveniently or cheaper. With our equipment, you can achieve reliable scale-up, reduced time-to-market. Minilab extrusion lines are ideal for research and development in the polymer, pharmaceutical, biology and nanotechnology sectors. Pharmaceutical manufacturers need accurate and


Heads for large format 3D printers

How to meet the challenge of FDM [Fused Deposition Modeling] 3D printing on a large scale by pellet extrusion. When it comes to the benefits that large format 3D printing can bring to your business, several factors come into play. Key considerations include the ability to improve speed, cost and quality. Among its many uses, large format 3D printing finds its

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