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Types of filaments produced and used for 3D printing.

The filament is a thermoplastic material that is most often used in the 3D printing process using the FDM melt deposition method. In this printing method, the applied material, which is a thermoplastic plastic, is extruded through a special nozzle of the 3D printer head. The head is heated to a temperature that allows the filament to melt. The printer head


Lines for the production of filament used in 3D printing using additive technology.

3D printing technology, often referred to as additive manufacturing, is used in many industries, more and more companies are adopting this future-proof technology. Additive manufacturing has great potential for supply chains, product development and the creation of new business models. Additive manufacturing is a specific 3D printing process. This process builds parts layer by layer by depositing plastic according to 3D


Modern pharmaceutical products manufactured by extrusion.

Interest in hot extrusion techniques in pharmaceutical applications is growing rapidly. Many articles have been published in the pharmaceutical scientific literature in recent years. Hot extrusion (HME) is a widely used technique in the plastics industry and has recently been shown to be a viable method for preparing many types of dosage forms and drug delivery systems. Hot extruded dosage forms


A library of scientific works for which extruders, rolling mills or other Zamak Mercator devices were used

We would like to inform you that the National Library of Medicine Bethesda USA has published scientific papers, to which extruders, rolling mills or other laboratory equipment produced by Zamak Mercator contributed. An official website of the United States government National Library of Medicine 8600 Rockville Pike Bethesda, MD 20894

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