The ZAMAK MERCATOR test stand was designed on the basis of a RIM micro-injection-moulding machine and a REM - 2C Vertex cone microextruder, as a system of the piston injection of samples for testing. The system drastically reduces the amount of material used, due to the small volume of the cylinder. The injection pressure ranges from 1250bar at volumes of up to 20ml, allowing the processing of high-viscosity materials. The mould and cylinder of the injection moulding machine are equipped with precisely regulated two-zone heating systems. The ZAMAK MERCATOR test stand facilitates the testing of the mechanical properties of samples from 2ml to 20ml, which can be produced from powder or granules, or by direct transfer from a twin-screw cone extruder. The samples can be formed in any shape, and the only limitation is the size of the mould and the capacity of the injection system. The moulds are made entirely of alloy steel. Thanks to the microprocessor PLC, and the special software designed for the injection-moulding machine, it is possible to control not only the injection force, but also the injection time and pressure, and the cylinder and mould temperatures. Test results and menus are stored on a USB stick, and the device is controlled via a state-of-the-art 10” touch panel. Our micro-injection moulding machine can operate as a stand-alone machine, or be integrated with a cone extruder REM - 2C Vertex, in which the material is plasticised. The extruder has a high torque-rotation range - from 0 to 400rpm - thanks to the state-ofthe- art drive with a power of 3kW. The extruder’s plasticising system, with the use of replaceable inserts, facilitates changing the volume of the processed sample in the range of 5 - 20ml. The extruder gearbox can operate as a co-rotating or counter-rotating gear, and the change of direction of screw rotation is easy, sensor-controlled and does not require dismantling of the device. The gearbox allows easy adjustment of the gap between the cylinder and the screws in the range of 0.15 - 0.3mm, and the measurement of the axial force on each screw. It is also lubricated with oil with its own closed-circuit gear pump. These are very-innovative and unique solutions in this class of testing equipment. The extruder is equipped with a dedicated, easy to install, port, for feeding molten plastic into the cylinders of injection-moulding machines. The cylinder of the injection-moulding machine is pressed with constant force against the extruder joint by a pneumatic actuator. This solution ensures the tightness and repeatability of the plastic transfer, and eliminates the need for the operator to press the cylinder manually. The extruder can be equipped with dosing systems for granules, powder, and liquids. It is also possible to blow out the system with inert gas.

Technical specifications