The Zamak Mercator machine park includes the Doosan Puma SMX3100  - a state-of-the-art turning and milling center. This device has an enormous potential in the production of a variety of even the most complicated details. Numerical control centre allows manufacturing objects with highly precise dimensions, of various shapes and targeted roughness of surface. Automated modern technology allows for both serial production as well as delivering  custom-made orders.
The 5-axis device (4 simultaneous + 1 index axis) and unique operating parameters of the machine (turning diameter 660 mm, turning length 1540 mm) allow Zamak Mercator to deliver practically any order.  Complex multi-axis machining is possible and all the operations can be performed on one machine.  Milling of shifted surfaces in "Y" axis and curved surfaces from axis "B" increases the capability range of the device..

The Doosan machine tool enables to provided milling and turning services, such as:
• production of screws
• production of heads
• production of bodies
• production of distributors.

These services are unique regarding their high quality, precision of implementation and possibility of processing details with larger sizes than before.
Zamak Mercator also has a 4-axis CNC providing milling services up to 1800 x 800 x 800 mm.



Due to extreme conditions deep hole drilling places high demands on tool, machine tool and associated instrumentation. Zamak Mercator machines provide optimum operation method for all operations related to drilling to a depth of 4500 mm - giving us a huge competitive advantage. Besides axial holes, we provide drilling misaligned holes.

• drilling deep holes in the components  with bore diameter Ø10 to Ø160 and length up to 4500 mm

• holes honing from Ø20 to Ø250 and lengths of 600 mm and 3000 mm (up to 4500 from rotation of the processed object)



Zamak Mercator with its large number of grinding machines and experienced team provides comprehensive and professional grinding services:

→ shafts with diameter up to Ø600 and length 5000 mm
→ surfaces up to 300 x 1000 mm
→ holes with diameter up to Ø400 and length 400 mm



→ turning up to Ø450 x 5000 mm 
→ shaft straightening up to Ø150 mm x 4500 mm 
→ grooves chiseling to length L = 150 
→ tool sharpening (drills, mills, taps) 
→ heat treatment (toughening, hardening, annealing) 
→ cutting of materials up to Ø360 
→ machining operations on drilling and milling machines of items measuring  1000 x 1000 x 1000



→ designing mechanical devices
→ designing automation and electrics

The tradition of the Zamak Mercator design office dates back to 1947. At the beginning of its activity, the office developed technical and technological documentation of equipment, machines and complete technological lines for the production of cables. The result of design work was the development and implementation of dozens of drawing and cable lines. In the early 1990s the scope of activities was expanded with projects of plastic materials and rubber processing and optical fiber production. The office potential in recent years can provide development of laboratory twin-screw extruders intended for the production of polymer nanocomposites and biocomposites. These are the first so far and only such machines designed and deployed into production by the Polish company.

These extruders are characterized by novel and innovative solutions, confirmed by registration of subsequent patents in the Patent Office in Warsaw, i.e. under number 404942 and number 404944.
Together with our customers, we undertake various project challenges that can be applied in the processing of polymers and EPDM.