Plasticizing system

Production of plasticizing systems

Zamak Mercator on the basis of its own documentation, design - technological office and of machine park manufactures new as well as regenerates used plasticizing systems.

We also manufacture plasticizing systems in compliance with construction-implementation documentation delivered by the customer.

Screws, i.a:

• Diameter range [mm] - Ø 10 - Ø 150
• Maximum length [mm] - 5000
• Winding - single coil / multi-coil / barrier with mixing zones, degassing)
• Screws - monolithic / segmental
• Additional options - internal axial cooling

All the screws manufactured by Zamak Mercator are nitrided to the hardness of Hv = 1100o and minimum thickness of the hardened layer 0.5 mm.


• manufacturing new and regeneration of used cylinders for single and twin-screw extruders

Searching for innovative machine construction solutions Zamak Mercator also became an active player on the market of commercial services, particularly in the treatment of various types of metals and plastic materials.