Drive modules

Drive modules (Extruder Blue Power) contain the main drive of extruders and other equipment with a maximum power of 26.4 kW and a torque of 1100 Nm, the cooling system of the hopper, degassing system and a complete digital control system with attached devices, which is recognized and configured automatically.

Drive modules manufactured by ZAMAK MERCATOR are an essential element of the system of testing equipment for the plastic material and rubber processing industry. Working with actuating modules they allow for mapping of industrial processes in laboratory conditions.

Important functional characteristics

• Wide range of testing opportunities 
• High powers and high torques
• Efficient and economical cooling system 
• Low power consumption 
• Simple and ergonomic operation
• High durability of components
• Space saving 
• Customizable design to customer requirements
• The ability to connect different actuating  elements lowers the costs of laboratory equipment
• Automatic recognition of connected executive modules 
• Advanced testing software
• Digital control system
• Possibility of use in industry

The main drive

The module is powered by modern AC motors in the 120 Hz technology, power range up to 22 kW, and 87Hz in the range of higher powers. These engines have increased range of rotational speed control, especially at low rotational speeds and provide a constant maximum torque in all speed range. Furthermore, these engines are practically maintenance-free, and the costs of their operation are low. An important element of the drive is a frequency converter (inverter). The inverter allows for controlling of rotational speed and torque. We use inverters produced by renowned manufacturers. Optional measurement module of energy consumed and the control of its quality allows controlling the costs and quality of energy used, which increases testing capabilities.


Accurate torque converter

The strain gauge torque transducer allows for continuous measurement - useful for testing plastic material extrusion. The measurement of torque allows its adjustment by the user, which increases testing capabilities. The drive can operate automatically in the mode of torque stabilization.

Hopper cooling system

Guarantees keeping sufficiently low temperature of hoppers in attached extruders. Due to the use of an efficient radiator and pump it allows for cooling of other devices on the line or, e.g. grinder mills. The cooler is supported by an efficient ventilator with automatically adjustable rotation speed. The system works in a closed refrigerant circuit, due to which it does not consumes water and is environmentally friendly.

Control of the attached devices

Control of all testing equipment on the line is performed by means of a color, user-friendly  touch screen panel. All preset and measured parameters (temperature in operating zones, rotation speeds of motors, pressures in zones and heads, torques, forces acting on screws and cylinder, parameters of electrical network, and many other) are displayed on a single control panel and can be stored on an external USB drive.

Vacuum degassing system

The modules can be equipped with a degassing system, one or two vacuum pumps may be used. Degassing is carried out through the ports in the top of the cylinder. Vacuum at 150 mbar, allowing for the removal of volatile components during processing of polymers. The system is equipped with a replaceable filter.

Modular interface

The drive is equipped with an interface that allows for easy mechanical and electrical connection and electrically cooperating devices. The connection transmits torque, electrical power, all control and measuring signals, including Ethernet Power Link communication bus signals and Open Safety bus. Once the devices are connected, the mechanism is secured mechanically against disconnection. Smaller and lighter devices (single-screw extruders, grinder mills) can be attached directly to the module. The mechanism is easy to operate.

Digital control system

As we cannot imagine testing processes and production without their automatics, our automation department, based on many years of experience, developed software allowing management of extruders and entire testing lines. Our software allows for controlling, monitoring and managing the extrusion. Continuous monitoring of extrusion parameters such as pressure, temperature, rotation, torque, force acting on the screw and cylinder, energy consumption, allow for controlling the process and the device. Additionally, saving parameters in the database for further analysis and archiving, displaying graphs on-line and work in the plant network or even global is also possible. The software designed by Zamak Mercator can carry out the production while the process, and a video image transmit via Ethernet to any place on computers, tablets, etc. 
We can adapt our software to the expectations of our customers. The process can be controlled from the touch screen on the device console or Ethernet. We use our own programs as well as Bernecker + Rainer Industrie Elektronik GmbH and Lenze Drives GmbH equipment to implement our solutions in the scope of automation and drives. We also cooperate with many other renowned companies. Our equipment can be integrated with device control systems produced by other manufacturers.


Blue Modular Modules: cooperating with drive modules

• Parallel extruder 2x16 mm - synchronous, asynchronous, switchable
• Parallel extruder 2x20 mm - synchronous, asynchronous, switchable
• Parallel extruder 2x24 mm - synchronous, asynchronous, switchable
• Conical twin-screw extruder 5-10-15 ml - synchronous, asynchronous, switchable
• Conical twin-screw extruder versatile 5-20 ml - synchronous, asynchronous switchable
Single-screw extruder 16 mm 
Single-screw extruder 25 mm 
Single-screw extruder 32 mm 
Single-screw extruder for rubber 32 mm  
Laboratory grinder mills
Laboratory rolling mills 
Pumps for plastic material
Cooling baths 
Single and multi-spindle winders
Foil stretching systems

Drive modules despite large maximum power and wide functionality are devices of small dimensions.