Filament production line for 3D printers

The line is intended for filament production used for 3D printing with a diameter of 1.75 mm to 3.00 mm with high dimensional accuracy. Applied devices on the line are characterized by energy efficiency, precision of operation, high capacity and manufacture high quality products.

Important functional characteristics

• Energy efficiency - low energy consumption
• High dimensional filament precision
• Simple and ergonomic operation
• Environment-friendly design and functional solutions
• High durability of components
• Digital control system


The line consists of the following devices:

Granulate drying system with pneumatic feeders
Any material, before passing to plasticizing system must undergo a drying process. In conjunction with pneumatic feeders that feed granulate to dryer and from dryer to extruder hopper forms a supply unit entirely maintenance-free.

Extruder with a screw diameter of 32 mm and L/D 32
The extruder is a key line element responsible for homogenization of the plastic material. Suitably selected screw geometry allows production of filament of various materials, including ABS and PLA.

Pump for plastic material

This part of the line is responsible for the accurate dosage of plastic material into the head, while maintaining preset pressure. The pump removes pulsation of plastic material, which affects filament dimensional stability.

Head with forming tools

A head is a part of the line, which, depending on the forming tool, determines the final shape of the extruded strand.

Cooling bath "warm"

The filament extruded through the head is fed into the hot water bath where the extruded plastic material is  cooled. Hot water (the temperature in the bath, depending on the material, varies between 40 - 80°C) prevents uncontrolled and rapid shrinkage.

Cooling bath "cold" with dryer

The final cooling of filament takes place in the cold water bath. Constant, low temperature of water in a closed circuit allows for efficient discharge of the heat from strand.

Laser meter of diameter

A laser meter measures the diameter of the filament continuously in two axes. The measurement is also displayed on the line control panel.

Caterpillar haul-off

Caterpillar haul-off is a part of the line responsible for filament diameter. Accurately controlled linear speed allows very precise dimensional control.

Gravity compensator

The time for replacing spools on a winding machine is very limited in the case of high linear speeds of extruded filament. Therefore it is recommended to use a compensator (battery) that allows to store a certain amount of filament and thus lengthen the time of this operation.

Two-spindle winder

We recommend the manufactured filament to be wound on larger spools operated by a two-spindle winder. This allows for longer periods between spool replacement, which affects stability of the extrusion process and is a more cost-effective solution.

Filling winder

Filling winder enables winding the manufactured strand for 3D printers to smaller spools weighing 0.5 - 1.0 kg.

Our manufactured extrusion lines of filament for 3D printers are versatile, durable and work in automatic mode thanks to the software applied.