Single-screw rubber or silicone extruders

The design of Zamak Mercator innovative rubber extruders is based on many years of experience gained in various sectors of rubber and silicone processing industry.

Important functional characteristics

• High torques
• High permissible pressure inside the cylinder
• Efficient and economical heating - cooling zone system
• Low power consumption
• Reinforced and durable feeding shaft unit
• Wedge closure with hydraulic drive and 3D head supporting hinge
• Simple and ergonomic operation
• High capacity
• High durability of the components
• Space saving
• Customizable design to customer requirements
• Digital control system

Rubber Black - rubber extruders intended for work in harsh environments with high pressures (up to 700 bar) and high mechanical load

Rubber Green - rubber and silicone extruders intended for work in normal conditions with pressures (up to 400 bar)

Zamak Mercator rubber and silicone extruders are characterized by high capacity, durable construction, low power consumption and save valuable space.

The main drive of extruders

Extruders are driven by modern AC motors in the 120 Hz technology, power range up to 22 kW, and 87Hz in the range of higher powers. These engines have an increased range of rotating speed control, especially at low rotating speeds and provide a constant maximum torque for the entire speed range. Furthermore, such engines are practically maintenance-free, and the costs of their use are low. An important element of the drive is a frequency converter (inverter). We use inverters produced by renowned manufacturers, tailored to customers' expectations. Our drives (motor + inverter) save up to 10% electric energy, e.g. in relation to the DC drives, which are still popular in extruders produced by a number of manufacturers.  Optional module of consumed energy measurement and control of its quality, allows for controlling the costs and quality of the energy consumed.

Thrust bearing

This is a key element of the design of extruders for plastic materials, it influences the maximum working pressure and the reliability and durability of the device. The force acting on the thrust bearing in an extruder with a screw measuring 120 mm in diameter and operating at a pressure of 700 bar is approximately 80 tons. The thrust bearing has to operate reliably at this load for many years. To achieve this, Zamak Mercator does not use ready-made solutions, but designs and manufactures its own thrust bearings for extruders. Our thrust bearings are designed for the transmission of forces, four times larger than the pressure in the extruder's cylinder. Our bearings are lubricated with oil in a closed circuit equipped with an oil cooler. The thrust bearing directly cooperates with the cylindrical gear, which is also lubricated with oil in circulation equipped with a cooler. This ensures reliable operation of the system.

Hopper module

Extremely important component of rubber extruder, which influences capacity, product quality, reliability and ergonomics of operation.  The hopper module developed and designed in our company is adapted to work with granulate or powder. The module body of the hopper has an efficient system of channels through which coolant flows. The body of the hopper module has an efficient system of channels through which coolant flows. The rubber feeding shaft is equipped with a gear transferring high torque, bearings and sealants that ensure reliable operation. The feeding shaft is cooled. A mechanism for opening and closing is supported by a gas actuator to reduce workload of service personnel.

Cylinder and screw module

Extruder cylinders are designed to work at a pressure of 700 or 400 bar. Each cylinder is equipped with a channel system for heating - cooling medium which provides efficient operation and heating and cooling of all connection flanges (elimination of unheated and uncooled zones).
The screw is designed in order to optimally homogenize the mixture and transfer high torque important for achieving high capacity. Inside the screw there is a channel through which the heating and cooling medium flows. The heating - cooling assembly controlling the temperature of the screw is additionally equipped with a pump of higher parameters to ensure the efficient operation of the system.

Hydraulic wedge closure

The connection of extruder with head is carried out by wedge closure closed either manually or hydraulically, particularly in extruders of large cylinder diameter (closing / opening time of wedge connection is 5 s in the case of hydraulic drive). This solution is safe, convenient for operation and time-saving.

Mounting of 3D head

The wedge locking mechanism developed by Zamak Mercator is equipped with a hinge that supports the head allowing opening and closing with application of small force even with heads of a large mass. 3D technology allows cooperation with a wedge closure based on head centering towards the cylinder being closed. This solution ensures operational safety and convenience. The whole process is controlled by a device driver and a security system that uses optical and sound signaling.

Heating and cooling units (thermoregulators)

Ecological thermoregulators used in our extruders have excellent technical parameters and, at the same time, are easy to use. In the case of water the maximum operating temperature is 90°C or 120°C. The highest quality components guarantee operational reliability and the greatest possible accuracy of temperature control. 
The hydraulic system of thermoregulators is made of stainless steel and copper which ensures reliable operation. Thermoregulators may have their own control systems or can be controlled by the extruder driver from the touch screen.

Digital control system

As we cannot imagine testing processes and production without their automatics, our automation department, based on many years of experience, developed software allowing management of extruders and entire testing lines. Our software allows for controlling, monitoring and managing the extrusion.

Continuous monitoring of extrusion parameters such as pressure, temperature, rotation, torque, force acting on the screw and cylinder, energy consumption, allow for controlling the process and the device. Additionally, saving parameters in the database for further analysis and archiving, displaying graphs on-line and work in the plant network or even global is also possible. 

We can adapt our software to the expectations of our customers. The process can be controlled from the touch screen on the device console or Ethernet.
To implement our solutions in the field of automation and drives we use the equipment of Bernecker + Rainer Industrie Elektronik GmbH and Lenze Drives GmbH, we also work with many other renowned companies.

Rubber extruders manufactured by Zamak Mercator begin the new era in the industrial processing of rubber and silicone mixtures. We manufacture efficient and durable extruders. The appearance and convenience of operation has meaning to us - extruders in accordance with the needs of our customers.