Rolling mills

Laboratory mills for processing rubber and polymer mixtures

A characteristic feature of these devices is the wide range of operating parameters enabling implementation of processing technologies for rubber and polymers in a wide range.

The most important feature of our mills is the ability to simulate processes of industrial rolling in laboratory conditions, equally important is ergonomics and a short time of device preparation for another test.

Important functional characteristics

  • High performance parameters
  • Built-in heating and cooling system
  • Torque measurement
  • High safety of operation even with power failure
  • Optional measurement module of consumed energy and power supply parameters
  • High capacity
  • High durability of components

Mill structure

The working element of the machine are two heated and cooled rollers covered with a layer of technical chromium providing required surface hardness and smoothness. The rollers are able to rotate at different speeds depending on preset friction.
The distance between the rollers is adjusted infinitely in the range from 0.2 mm to 10 mm with an accuracy of 0.1 mm. Adjustment of the gap can also be made during the operation of the mill.

The main drive

The module is powered by two modern AC motors in the 120 Hz technology. These engines have increased range of rotational speed control, especially at low rotational speeds and provide a constant maximum torque in all speed range. Furthermore, these engines are practically maintenance-free, and the costs of their operation are low. An important element of the drive are two cooperating frequency converters (inverters). The inverter can independently control the rotational speed of the rollers and their torque. We use inverters produced by renowned manufacturers. Optional measurement module of energy consumed and the control of its quality allows controlling the costs and quality of energy used, which increases testing capabilities.

Security system

The safety system can be activated with hands, head or knee. The system complies with the applicable requirements and even exceeds them - in the case of its activation the rollers automatically change the rotation to opposite direction and departure from one another to a distance of 50 mm in 4.7 seconds.  The safety system is functional in the case of power failure if the UPS [Uninterruptible Power Supply] option is selected.

Digital control system

A computer system monitors the operation of the mill.  The operator can control all operational parameters of the device from a color touch panel. It is also possible to visualize and record most of the operational parameters and export them to spreadsheet files.


As we cannot imagine testing processes and production without their automatics, our automation department, based on many years of experience developed software allowing testing devices management. Our software enables testing process controlling, monitoring and managing.  Continuous monitoring of rolling parameters such as temperature, friction, rotations, torque, power, energy consumption, allow for controlling the process and the device. Additionally, saving parameters in the database for further analysis and archiving, displaying graphs on-line and work in the plant network or even global is also possible. With our software, we can conduct testing and process and video image to transmit via Ethernet to any location on computers, tablets, etc. The software designed by Zamak Mercator can be adapt to customer expectations. The process can be controlled from the touch screen on the device console or Ethernet. We use our own programs as well as Bernecker + Rainer Industrie Elektronik GmbH and Lenze Drives GmbH equipment to implement our solutions in the scope of automation and drives. We also cooperate with many other renowned companies. Our equipment can be integrated with device control systems produced by other manufacturers.


Rollers are intended for laboratory operation, but they can also be used in industry due to their durable structure and a high level of safety.