Rubber and silicone profile production line

The line is intended for production of rubber and silicone profiles of any diameter and shape. The devices used in profile production line are characterized by high linear speed of operation, precision and dimensional accuracy, energy efficiency and intuitive operation while maintaining high control possibilities over the process.

Important functional characteristics:

• Energy efficiency - low energy consumption
• Versatility - ability to produce different profiles of different rubber mixtures
• Short time to reach production readiness
• Intuitive and ergonomic operation
• High capacity
• Environment-friendly design and functional solutions
• High durability of components
• Digital control system


Devices in the rubber and silicone profile production line:


The extruder is the first element of the line. An innovative design characterized by, among other, high torques, high permissible pressures of operation, lack of dead zones in the heating - cooling system allows for obtaining a product with very good parameters with relatively low energy input. READ MORE…

Head with forming tools

A head is an element of the line which forms the profile. All parts in contact with the rubber mixtures or silicone are subjected to the nitriding process that allows obtaining a high resistance to abrasion. The head is efficiently heated and cooled by liquid through a system of channels. This system is devoid of dead zones. The head is attached to the extruder by means of a wedge closure, in larger extruders deflected on a hinge and supported by hydraulic cylinder.

Shock oven for IR vulcanization

IR shock oven fixes the shape of extruded profile at high temperature. Its construction is based on short-wave halogen radiators. The structure enables changing the height and angular position, which makes it versatile. READ MORE…

IR vulcanization tunnel oven

The basic vulcanization process takes place in a tunnel oven. Its segmental design allows for connecting the segments in the amount resulting from the size of manufactured profile and extrusion speed. The heating elements are highly efficient ceramic infrared radiators characteristic for their high energy efficiency and resistance to chemical factors emitted in the vulcanization process. READ MORE…

Cooling bath with dryer

The task of the cold water bath is to cool the extruded rubber profile that comes out of the tunnel oven. Constant, low temperature of water in a closed circuit allows for efficient discharge of the heat from the profile. The bath can operate in an entirely closed circuit. READ MORE …

Caterpillar input haul-off

Caterpillar input haul-off draws profile through a cooling bath and feeds it into the winding or cutting device. READ MORE …


The last element of the rubber and silicone profile production line can be a two-spindle winder, winding, depending on your preference, the manufactured profile on spools or rings. READ MORE …


Rubber and silicone production profiles lines manufactured by Zamak Mercator are versatile, durable, eco-friendly and efficient and thanks to the used software they work in automatic mode.