Our mission is to achieve the lider position
as a manufacturer and exporter
innovative laboratory equipment and industrial lines.



Zamak Mercator (LLC) has begin its history within the structures of Cracow Cable Factory (KFK).

1947 it already worked an Office of Research and Construction with two departments: the department of cables and wires development and the machinery and equipment construction department for the manufacture of cables and wires. In 1947 five pieces of thin wire drawing machines so. L-6 have been designed and made - its quality have been confirmed by the cable manufacturer. This year is taken as the start of a professional production of cable machines in Poland. Subsequent years have seen the development of the organizational structure within the Engineering Office, which, together with increased technical infrastructure (among others it had iron foundry) became the Department of Cable Machinery of a certain autonomy within the KFK. Engineers employed by the company at the time, especially young graduates from AGH and Cracow University of Technology, contributed to the implementation of innovative ideas and increasing quality of manufactured devices. Machines exhibited at international fairs in Poznan, Basel, Kiev, Hanover, Moscow, Leipzig, Brno attracted the interest of many professionals and were also awarded many times.

1979 the Cable Machinery Plant received Patent No. 122652 on the "Apparatus for coating the outer surfaces of steel pipes" and Patent No. 118276 on the "Method of coating steel pipes". At the turn of the eighties and nineties Cable Machinery Plant has developed the documentation for the first rubber extruders with a screw diameter of 30 mm, 90 mm and 120 mm. Rubber extruders were used in extruder tandem lines which are able to overlapp rubber filling and PVC coating in a single operation on new types of cables.

2000 the company changed its name to Zamak Cable Machinery Plant LLC (Zamak), becoming at the same time a private company, independent from the structures of the Cracow Cable Factory, which was already known as "Tele-Fonika”.

2008 thanks to increased technical infrastructure, specialist equipment and tools park, all the technical resources and the experience of engineers and technologists, the company was able to produce machines for broadly defined Plastics and Rubber industry (laboratory extruders, industrial extruders, production lines), for cable industry (cable production and winding lines) with all technical support and service. It also provides services in the design and manufacture of mechanical components (screws, cylinders), included also the field of automation.

2011 the company moved its manufacturing to a new facility in Skawina with an area of 2700 m, at the same time creating Research and Developement Institute. In 2012 the company's offer has been extended to products and services dedicated for the printing industry, using the experience and great appreciation from foreign suppliers in Asia (Japan, China) and Europe (Germany, UK, Italy), shareholders and employees of the company Mercator Poligrafia PLC, whose history dates back to 1989, when Peter Żyznowski along with his brother Wiesław founded the company named "Mercator" Żyznowski and Company, General Partnership. In 1993, beside general partnership, Mercator was established as joint stock company - Mercator Med. S.A., which specializes in sales of printing machines and materials for offset printing. In subsequent periods Mercator Med gave rise to two independent companies: Mercator Medical and Mercator Paper (today under the name of Zing).

2013 the company has started research and developement on a new generation of laboratory extruders dedicated for difficult recyclable composites and polymer nanocomposites and powders. In a result, the company occupys a prominent place in the list of innovative research projects in industry under the Malopolska Regional Operational Programme 2007-2013.

2015 Zamak Mercator specializing in the design and manufacturing of laboratory and industrial equipment introduced on the market a new generation of laboratory extruders for plastic materials and industrial extruders for rubber. These extruders are characterized by novel and innovative solutions (innovative method for measuring axial force acting on the cylinder of the extruder), which was confirmed by registration of subsequent patents in the Patent Office in Warsaw, i.e. under number 404942 for "Measuring method of axial force acting on cylinder of screw extruder" and under number 404944 for "Method for distribution of plastic material in a screw extruder with return circuit."

Zamak Mercator is certified ISO 9001 and constantly strives for the highest quality of offered products and services, which was recognized and the company also received the title "Symbol of Innovation 2015".