Sustainable world of the society of the future

Sustainable world of the society of the future

Zamak Mercator creates technologies and products that contribute to the implementation of a sustainable society of the future, both through a direct contribution to saving energy used by our customers, and indirectly to environmental protection implemented through our customers' products.
Sustainable development concepts can be defined as humanity's ability to develop while meeting current needs without compromising the ability of future generations to develop to meet their own needs. So technology and society must work together for economic development without harming the environment. Thus, the three elements that make up the pillars of sustaining skills development are environment, economy and human development. Sustainability can only be achieved when the three criteria are met and in balance.

Zamak Mercator supplies a wide range of equipment for research, production and processing of plastics. In particular, as a few, they use modern energy-saving electric drives used to build extruders that form plastic products, helping to reduce energy consumption at the research and production stage. We are also actively working to improve the energy efficiency, space efficiency, weight reduction and efficiency of various equipment dedicated to the research and production of plastics.

Our company is committed to reducing its environmental footprint and responding to climate change issues. Energy saving in the production process is no exception. Improving productivity and reducing losses in the production process is also associated with energy savings and reduced environmental impact. We use modern control systems for our products to make our customers' production process more intelligent and contribute to energy savings throughout the life of our extruders and other plastics processing equipment.

Plastic extrusion is a large-scale manufacturing process that melts and molds raw plastic into a continuous profile. Plastic extrusion is a process that creates two-dimensional shapes along the length, providing a third dimension for pipes, edging, fencing strips, railings, window frames, rainproofing, adhesive tape and wire insulation, and similar products in continuous lengths. Due to the large scale of production, reducing energy consumption and reducing precipitation is of great importance for the environment.

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