New tunnel curing ovens

New tunnel curing ovens

Innovative ovens that are the subject of the offer enable the rubber vulcanization process to be carried out in the infrared radiation field - this ensures an effective process in terms of cross-linking time, product quality and process costs. Zamak Mercator has developed new rubber and silicone vulcanization lines, which include: IR shock furnace and IR tunnel furnaces. Tunnel kilns enable the vulcanization process to be carried out using radiators that emit infrared radiation and can be used to produce profiles of very different shapes. A key feature of these devices is the ability to control the atmosphere inside the furnace. During operation, the furnace can be filled with an inert gas, e.g. nitrogen (N2), thanks to which the impact of atmospheric oxygen on the vulcanized product is reduced to a minimum

The distribution of infrared radiators in the furnace chamber is selected individually for the customer's application. Radiator power adjustment is carried out independently for each zone, thanks to which it is possible to adjust the intensity of the heat energy stream to the shape of the vulcanized profile.

Infrared radiation ensures high heat transfer efficiency without the use of an intermediate medium to the vulcanized material. The radiators used radiate about 50% of the thermal energy, which reaches the vulcanized profile directly, without the use of air, penetrates inside, heating it from the inside. The remaining 50% of the energy heats the air inside the oven, transferring energy to the vulcanized polymer by conducting and heating its surface.

As a result of the interaction of these two processes, heat is transferred to the polymer from the outside and from the inside, which results in a more even course of the vulcanization process throughout the mass of the profile. This solution minimizes heat losses needed to heat the media used in other vulcanization methods

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