Polish rubber extruders and lines

Polish rubber extruders and lines

Polish single-screw extruders and production lines for processing rubber, rubber and silicone mixtures, BLACK and GREEN series. Zamak Mercator is one of the few Polish manufacturers, and the only one with over 70 years of experience, specializing in the design and construction of complete industrial and laboratory lines for the processing of plastics, rubber and silicone mixtures. Zamak Mercator single-screw extruders for processing rubber, rubber and silicone mixtures are used in many Polish and international plants. Based on our many years of experience in the rubber and silicone processing industry, we use proven technical solutions, without being afraid of previously unknown innovative ideas. Depending on the customer's needs, which are to determine the success of his business, we always select extruders that meet these expectations. The BLACK series - is perfect for the production of larger rubber materials, and is adapted to work in difficult conditions, with very high mechanical loads and pressures up to 700 bar. GREEN series - dedicated to the production of rubber and silicone products, with lighter working conditions and pressure up to 400 bar. Many of our customers have chosen lines with applied extruders, finding many advantages and benefits in them, such as: 1. Modern automation and control systems 2. Functional touch screens 3. Innovative and efficient heating and cooling systems 4. Precise and reliable temperature control 5 Accurate measurements of physical values 6. Operation by. preset recipes 7. Remote service via Ethernet

Depending on the customer's requirements, our extruders can work as independent devices, but also, what seems to be a more practical use, as one of the elements of the production line for the vulcanization of rubber (rubber) and silicone mixtures.

Then the line configured in this way consists of an extruder, an extrusion head, an IR blast furnace, an IR tunnel furnace, a cooling bath, a caterpillar exhaust, a measuring device and a cutting and packaging system for the product.

The listed components of the line are made in Poland, and the components used, e.g. controls, are of well-known European manufacturers.

Our machines are manufactured in Poland, in our plant in Skawina. In our activity, we combine competence with modern solutions and the latest trends in the industry. Many years of experience is a guarantee for customers that their expectations will be met.

Zamak Mercator experts will help in the right selection and select the appropriate extruder configuration or, which may be more challenging, they will propose a complete production line.

Zamak Mercator also participates in the prestigious EU project "NEWEX", which is based on the cooperation of partners from the industrial sector and university research units from European Union countries. The result of the work in this project are innovative technical solutions, but also important contacts and acquaintances established between all participants.

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