Sequential injection molding machine for rubber

Sequential injection molding machine for rubber

Programmable sequential rubber injection molding machine designed and manufactured for our client.

Working with the extrusion head, our injection molding machine enables sequential injection of the rubber compound into the profile in order to obtain the desired mechanical properties on the programmed section of the gasket.

Programmable sequential injection molding machine for rubber as one of the key elements of the line for extrusion and vulcanization of car gaskets.

Let's consider where the seals used in our cars come from? We have certainly paid attention to the fact that the seals used in the doors, engine compartment vents and trunk have strictly defined properties.
For example, these gaskets have different properties in the corners, you can easily see that they are reinforced in some way, they have a different stiffness.

On a daily basis, rather no one thinks about it, we get in the car and go on the road.

However, such a gasket performs important functions in every car. How important it is, we find out when it is damaged or worn out.
What are the functions of such rubber seals used in cars?

The rubber gasket used in cars affects:

  • noise reduction while driving and parking,

  • helps maintain the right temperature inside the vehicle

  • depreciates the so-called slamming doors or covers

  • college in front of the water

How is it that such a gasket can withstand thousands of closing and opening cycles?
How is it made that the gasket has reinforcements in the corners and yet retains the same external appearance and cross-section? In addition, which is very important, it maintains continuity and the reinforcements are exactly where they should be.

The method of performing this task is not complicated, but the device used to perform the task is.
When extruding the gasket on the production line, special rubber should be placed inside the gasket in the right places in a strictly defined sequence. This rubber will strengthen the seal from the inside.

Programmable sequential injection molding machine designed to work with extrusion lines or injection molding machines.

In the production of durable gaskets, our sequential injection molding machine helps, which is designed to work with lines extruding profiles from rubber mixtures.

Working with the extrusion head, our injection molding machine enables sequential injection of the rubber compound inside the profile in order to obtain the desired mechanical properties on the programmed section.
That is why a good example of a final product for which such an injection molding machine is used are gaskets used in cars.

The injection molding machine is fed with a properly plasticized and prepared rubber compound, which is fed through an integrated extruder. The injection molding machine injects rubber into the profile in programmed volumes in precisely defined places. It is very important to synchronize the operation of the injection molding machine with the extrusion line and the possibility of precise programming of the time of injection of a predetermined volume of rubber.

The digital control system allows precise synchronization of the injection moment and control of the volume and speed of the mixture feeding.
The construction of this machine and the components used ensure precision and repeatability of each work cycle.

Our sequential injection molding machine has been used by manufacturers of automotive parts.
It can also be used in the construction industry.

We hope that we have brought you a little closer to the subject of the production of car door seals.

Advice for every driver

Remember to lubricate your door seals with a special silicone agent in the winter.
Then you will not be surprised by a frozen door in the car, and the seal will serve you longer.

wide road.

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