Zamak Mercator Calendar 2019

Zamak Mercator Calendar 2019

Ladies and Gentlemen, It is with great pleasure that we present to you our next work - the calendar for 2019, the pages of which have been decorated with drawings from the collection entitled "Album of the Bar Confederation 1768-1772" by Kajetan Saryusz-Wolski.

Invariably, thanks to many years of cooperation with the Jagiellonian Library, we have the opportunity to discover the most beautiful and most guarded treasures that can be found in its rich collections.

Kajetan Saryusz Wolski is an outstanding, but unfortunately a bit forgotten, Polish painter, who in his work dealt primarily with heraldry - he painted coats of arms, cartouches, emblems, flags and banners.
He used only a feather or watercolor to work, and his works still delight with saturated colors and care for even the smallest details.
Our new calendar has been supplemented with illustrations from the "Album of the Confederacy of Barska 1768-1772", which was created in Krakow in 1899. Each of the twelve drawings shows elements related to the historical armed union of Polish patriots, established in Bar in Podolia on February 29, 1768. All the paintings fascinate with the precision of workmanship, intense colors and interesting composition. Each of the cards also contains Wolski's signatures, which gives the whole work incredible authenticity.

We believe that, as in previous years, the presented calendar, in addition to practical information, will become an inspiration for many of you to get acquainted with the entire oeuvre of
Kajetan Saryusz-Wolski and deepening the history of 18th-century Poland.

With wishes of all prosperity, success and serenity in the New Year, remain:

Boguslaw Kiszka
Vice President

Piotr Żyznowski
Chairman of the Supervisory Board

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