Extruders for rubber and silicone - the latest mixes, the latest equipment


Considering the widespread demand for high-quality rubber products of a varied purpose, more and more emphasis is being put on improving the recipes for rubber mixes. The introduction of ever newer rubber compounds with desirable new properties is also noticeable. The mixture usually includes one of several types of rubber and other raw materials that affect the final properties of the product. Compounds intended for extruding rubber are characterized by as high plasticity as possible, and, importantly, the ability to maintain the shape of the extruded profile. These two physical properties are crucial in creating the overall quality of rubber products. When choosing the right rubber mix, you should also pay attention to parameters such as the hardness of the mix and the conditions of its use.

At the moment, there are many rubber producers on the market who specialize in creating the latest mixtures. They refined technological production processes to perfection in order to obtain the best rubber product. After developing the ideal composition of the compound for the production of rubber, the key factor that distinguishes the manufacturer from the competition in terms of the quality of products sold are the machines that will be used in the production of rubber elements. That is why it is so important to choose rubber extruders that use the latest technical solutions.

Extrusion is one of the main methods of rubber processing – by the aforementioned technique can be produced such elements as: hoses, cords with different profiles, seals, cables and many semi-finished products for various purposes. Therefore, the key element when buying an extruder for the production of rubber is the choice of the manufacturer that will properly select the equipment to meet the customer's needs.

ZAMAK MERCATOR offers small extruders, used for extruding precise rubber profiles of small dimensions or working as extruders in the co-extrusion process, but also large machines for large-size extruded profiles with high efficiency. It is important that extruders are designed and selected for each project individually, both in terms of size, type of machine, and in terms of screw geometry. All this to ensure a perfect fit of the extruder, tools and processed materials and extruded profiles. Extruders are suitable for processing both general and special purpose rubber compounds. Thanks to this, anyone who needs a rubber extrusion process in their production is able to configure a ZAMAK MERCATOR extruder suitable to the materials they use.

The ZAMAK MERCATOR single-screw extruders for rubber and silicone, due to their innovative design, are perfect for working even in difficult conditions with high pressures and heavy loads. The secret to their reliable operation is, among others: high torques achievable during operation and ensuring constant maximum torque in the entire speed range with low energy consumption.

An additional advantage is the extruder's equipment with a wedge-closure mechanism with hydraulic drive developed by ZAMAK MERCATOR and a head supporting hinge that allows it to be opened and closed with a small force, even for heavy heads. 3D technology allows cooperation with a wedge closure, consisting in centring the head relative to the cylinder during closing. It is a solution ensuring safety and convenience of work. The whole process is controlled by a device driver and a security system that uses optical and sound signalling.

Ecological thermoregulators used in extruders have excellent technical parameters and at the same time are easy to use. Durable components guarantee reliable operation and the highest possible accuracy of thermostating, which has direct influence on the quality of the obtained rubber components.

Due to the observed development in the rubber processing sector caused by the high demands of customers placed on modern rubbers, manufacturers of rubber products make every effort to ensure that their products are durable and meet individual expectations. The offer of ZAMAK MERCATOR extruders is therefore directed to producers who care about their products being unrivalled and famous as the highest quality rubber products.

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