Zamak Mercator receives the Symbol of Innovation 2015


We are very pleased to announce that Zamak Mercator Sp. z o.o. was awarded the title "Symbol of Innovation 2015".

The Chapter House of the Program appreciate the innovative solutions developed by our R&D Department, and laboratory extruders of the highest quality. Jury also values the attention to tradition and heritage of the former Cable Machinery Plant in Cracow.

 The main objective of the project submitted to competition INNOVATION SYMBOL 2015 was to increase competitiveness and innovation of the Company in requiring and difficult industry of manufacturing machines and equipment. The goal has been achieved through the implementation of a research project, resulting in the introduction of innovative solutions, and also in creating two prototypes of laboratory devices - extruders. As a result of high-tech research and development,  the prototypes of twin-screw extruders are equipped with innovative plasticizing unit.

In connection with this project they had registered two inventions in the Patent Office: the procedure for measuring the axial force acting on the cylinder of extruder and the method of material distribution in the extruder with the recurrent circuit. Both patents are already under the protection of industrial property.

Implementation of the project is a response to the demand of the market, especially the laboratories and research institutes, who are main consumers of our products. Customers expected better technical performance in relation to the diameter of the screw, torque [Nm] and power [kW], as well as process optimization and increased capabilities in the research area. Our prototype extruders allow to explore the material from the group of materials characterized by high resistance during the extrusion process, in particular polyamides and engineering plastics. In addition, our devices have greater durability - lower abrasiveness and high resistance to corrosion.

We are extremely proud that the work of our engineers has once again been appreciated.


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