Twin-screw extruder 2x24 for pressure sensitive adhesive PSA production


In the last few weeks, in our company were two customers visits who are involved in the production of pressure sensitive adhesives PSA. Each of these meetings was devoted to detailed tests on our 2x24 twin-screw extruder. The technology is completely new and requires elaboration, but innovative solutions and interesting ideas are what really motivates us!

The tests carried out concerned three types of hot melt adhesives. The goal of our Clients is the homogenization of the material - taking place in the extruder, and then pressing it into the protective film and packing the product in the form of "pillows". The final adhesive will be used for example in the production of mattresses. The test was successful - the parameters of the collected samples, among others viscosity, are reproducible.

It is very important for us to work on creative projects, unconventional ideas and present our innovative solutions. We are convinced that the selected extruder with a feeder system will meet all expectations of the customer and will allow to expand our Client's business.

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