Zamak Mercator at the forefront of the group!


Zamak Mercator stands not only for high-precision innovative machinery and equipment, but also a highly professional team that always pursues its objective. We highly focus on active relaxation following the principle "in a healthy body, a healthy mind."

After hours spent on constructing machines, all the pent up tension is released on a football pitch, making us an even stronger and more efficient team.  The Zamak Mercator team belongs to the Business League - an elite association organizing amateur football competition for teams representing the largest Cracow companies and institutions. Full of fighting spirit, we continue to participate in meetings for the second season, and the results are impressive as we hold the second place in the rankings. 

The team is strengthened by the supporters of Zamak Mercator. Each and every one of them, highly motivated, with genuine commitment and great joy, regularly participate in the Monday matches. "I think that this is a great initiative supporting our passions and promotion of the company. Furthermore, with each team meeting the company is even more integrated. Physical activity is very important to me, so I am happy that Zamak Mercator offers opportunities for development in this field also", says Maciej Szałaś, purchase specialist, and at the same time defender in the corporate team. 

We keep our fingers crossed and wish them further success!

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