ZAMAK MERCATOR & NEWEX – a visit on University of Minho in Portugal.


In Portugal city Guimarães in the Minho region, take place another meetings and congresses organised by participants of prestigious project NEWEX. Representatives of ZAMAK MERCATOR have visited that University and have taken part in interesting lectures.

As you well know, ZAMAK MERCATOR takes part very active in EU project NEWEX, which aim is to create a innovative technical solutions in extrusion, but also to establish important contacts between all participants. The best technical universities and companies from the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Portugal and Poland take part in the initiative - apart from ZAMAK MERCATOR, only the Lublin University of Technology appears from Poland.

On the first day, has been presented the history of university, and has been organised tour of the Departament of Innovation in Polymer Engineering and whole campus. Next, has been taken place a lecture by Profesor Antonio Gaspar Cunha, in which he discused the issue of integrated modeling and optymalization processes. In the following days have been taken place two seminaries – „Plastics and Environment: Threats and Opportunities. A Gebneral look over environmental issues associatedwith plastics waste” by Cenceicao Paiva, and „University-Industry collaboration: from collaborative projects to spin-offs” by Adriana Cunha. At the end of the visit, has been s tour through the department of engineering polymers. Further days they have visited the laboratories in Done, which Alvaro Sampaio talked about. Then have been started tests.

We are very glad that we take part in that important EU project. All of the abroad visits are a chance for us to develop and promote our products and brand ZAMAK MERCATOR outside of Poland.

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