Maximum precision and compact design


Zamak Mercator has gained enormous experience during the many years of its activity in the field of designing and constructing machines, introducing further modifications that improve the performance and functionality of manufactured extruders.

Our engineering department is continuously seeking and implementing new innovations. Thus, a number of new solutions were introduced in our latest line of single-screw extruders for processing of plastic materials.

Among the changes worth mentioning is the design of hopper zone which is equipped with a cone screw that allows scooping the larger granules of plastic material, the possibility of removing the screw from the back of the extruder without removing the head or equipment of the cylinder with an efficient heating system (high-quality band heaters) and air cooling. The heating time up to 200°C is about 15 - 20 min. Equally fast is the cooling time, which does not exceed 30 minutes. The hopper zone is water-cooled.

Zamak Mercator single-screw extruders meet the ever increasing requirements of customers from many specialized industries. An example is the company Hagmed specializing in, among others, the production of disposable medical equipment. The custom-made laboratory single-screw extruder Ø16 has become a key machine in the production of medical industry components offered by Hagmed.

As a manufacturer of extruders we are proud of the wide range of applications of our devices used by users from various sectors and industries.

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