Co-operation with world renowned brands and unusual materials - This drives us to action!


Despite the approaching end of the year and the holiday atmosphere, we are still moving forward. Our next, very interesting experience was to conduct research for the well-known cosmetics brand L'Oréal.

The tests were carried out on a very interesting material – wax- which is used as a mother of pearl base in hair shampoos. The task had several objectives, the most important of which was the extrusion of the material in order to compress and liquefy it. The granulate was pressed at various temperatures to check the efficiency of the extruding wax, the processing capacity of the extruder and the energy efficiency of the process itself. 

In these unconventional tests, the ZAMAK MERCATOR extruder had a rather non-standard application; instead of the typical extrusion of a fixed profile, it was used to dispense liquids.

As you can see, our devices are also perfect for the cosmetics industry and, as is commonly known, anything that comes in contact with human skin makes producing it very demanding.

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