The Zamak Mercator Calendar for 2018


Ladies and Gentlemen, In keeping with tradition- and New Year, 2018, is no different- we are pleased to present to you with an extraordinary work - Our new, unusual calendar, entirely devoted to the symbol of a free Poland - Marshal Józef Piłsudski!

As we normally do on such occasions, we have chosen the most beautiful, the most symbolic and the most protected of treasures, all thanks to the fruitful co-operation with the Jagiellonian Library. The extraordinarily rich resources of the Jagiellonian Library allow us to unveil a little part of the mystery every year and make everyone aware of some precious, yet unheralded and unacknowledged miracles, in our royal Kraków. You probably know that in 2018 we are celebrating the solemn and significant, 100th. anniversary of regaining Polish independence. This presents us with an extraordinary opportunity to devote this year's calendar to Józef Piłsudski - a magnificent historical figure, a soldier, a politician and a statesman associated, even by the youngest, with the memorable date of 11th. November 1918. The works that we will be presenting to you this year are master sketches by Zdzisław Czermański. Looking through his drawings, we had no doubt that they simply must appear in our annual work in this year of special Jubilee. The album, entitled "Józef Piłsudski in 13 boards," dates back to 1935, but some illustrations are from 1914. Each of the drawings is thoroughly accurate in ever detail and the perfect line by Czermański's hands unmistakably presents the artistry and perfectionism of the author. The icing on the cake is Rydz Śmigły’s autograph who, in his 1935 dedication, assures us that, "Czermański's drawing seems to give one of the sharpest and best-observed characteristics of Marshal Piłsudski" We are convinced that these beautiful sketches will help you get to know the various faces of our nation’s "Grandfather" Marshal Józef Piłsudski, as well as feel the spirit of patriotism and experience 2018 full of pride and strength for the future and our development. We also believe that this calendar will help you find a moment for reflection and contemplation in a rushed and hectic world of ever-changing emotions.

Best wishes for your prosperity, success and for a Happy New Year,

Yours sincerely:

Bogusław Kiszka
Vice-President of the Board

Piotr Żyznowski
Chairman of the Supervisory Board


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