Further tests on ZAMAK MERCATOR's devices – a recycled mix


The continuous expansion of knowledge driven by new horizons and experiments is what we like most! On this occasion, the study was commissioned by a company working in the pro-ecological sphere.

The work was even more interesting, due to the fact that the processed material came from segregated waste plastics and fabrics. The mixture contained thermoplastic raw materials with an unidentified content of individual polymers. One of the research objectives was to find the appropriate processing temperature.

As a result of our tests, we received ribbons a few centimetres wide, which allowed us to assess properties such as the hardness, the consistency, the shape and the appearance of the profiles and, above all, to investigate the potential uses of this recycled material.

The thorough homogenisation of this plasticised mass is extremely important in mixes of various plastic materials. In most cases, the addition of compatibilisers is necessary in order to obtain a strict profile with the best surface quality.

Initial testing of extrusion material is crucial when choosing the right device. The conclusions drawn explain a lot and help in the degassing, the special configuration of screws, in preliminary operations, in the dosing method and in the target length of the entire system of plasticisers. There are many conclusions in relation to the composition of the mixture, which is often the basis for planning further experiments.

Such tests allow us to choose the perfect machine, the perfect tooling and all additional options in order to fully meet the expectations of our client.

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