3D Printing - Next filament production line at Polish manufacturer


Next dynamically developing Polish company from the Warsaw region, joined the group of holders of our lines. 3D printing in Poland every month increases the scope of application. This in turn increases the demand for 3D filament production.

The fact that the numer of filament manufacturers is growing is not a secret, but not every filament meets the expectations of 3D printing. Print stabilization is critical for achieving a good printout. This status is the perfect opportunity for us to show once again how precise and modern our products are.

At the request of our Client, extrusion tests were first performer. The polymer material was selected by the client due to the final application of the filament. The decision fell on a polymer with very good 3D printing properties, but unfortunately with the difficult process of free extrusion, by which means filament is produced. As a result of the tests, the tools and the technological parameters of the lines were chosen where the highest quality product were obtained.

The order in ZAMAK MERCATOR consists of a raw material dryer with a pneumatic feeder, a dispenser mounted on a single screw extruder working with a plastic pump, which ensures a stable flow of material without pulsation and a extrusion head with tools for filament. In addition, our line has two bathtubs - hot and cold, on which the dryer is blowing off the filament water, laser diameter measurement, capstain, twin-screw winder with meter counter and chiller cooling water in the bathtub.

ZAMAK MERCATOR lines are very automated. Dosing occurs extremely smoothly, with an assembly of two pneumatic feeders, whose function is feeding of a granulate in the dryer, and transporting the dry material from the outlet of the dryer to a gravimetric feeder. This dispenser mixes the granulate with the dye concentrate, ensuring a very stable repeatability of the color of the filament produced. Universal plastic screw for special construction, allows to process polymers such as PLA, ABS, PP, PE, PVC.

The water chiller offered in our lines provides a more ecological and economical approach - the water in the cooling tubs is not drained from the aqueduct, but circulates in the system. It is also possible to use cold water - down to 5 ° C, which greatly increases the efficiency of filament cooling, and this is a key step for the production capacity of the line.

We are very proud that the ZAMAK MERCATOR lines for filament manufacture, find so many customers and constantly raise interest.

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