Medical industry – ZAMAK MERCATOR extruders for medical applications


The loyalty of Clients is built by years with quality of devices and partnership in business. Our so far Client from Bielsko-Biała one more time decided to trust trademark of ZAMAK MERCATOR and bought next piece of our extruder for plastic processing for medical applications. Eventhough the Clients company has its origin and shareholders in Germany, they decided to buy Polish product.

The single-screw extruder of screw diameter fi 12 is characterized by especially compact design. Closed circuit of cooling feeding zone is built in the extruders stand, therefore  the machine not only takes little space, but is very ergonomic.

Clients need for medical applicance of the extruder became a foundation for technical solutions. A special suited project was developed for processing high-filled metalic powder mixture with TPU. Thanks to excellent precision operation the ZAMAK MERCATOR extruder performes perfectly its task – production of specialist medical tools, that are visible on RTG, used during surgery. In microextrusion especially important are stable working parameters and precision of coating of wire from TiNi alloys – with which our engineers successfully dealed.

We are pleased that our great Clients very often becomes our regular Clients and stay with us for years. Moments like that shows, that our products are reliable and meet the highest Polish and international expectations.

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