Better solutions Zamak Mercator - mixer system with recirculating gas system and packing station


In April this year the company Zamak Mercator, has put into use for one of the european chemical consortium, an innovative mixer system with recirculating gas system and packing station. Designed and executed line will work for leader in metalic powder pigments and also in paints and varnishes. . Due to the nature of its work, inaugurated system meets the requirements of ATEX and SIL.

The supplied line consists of top-class components that ensure faultless performance systems for dosing, mixing, and air and argon supply, which are used in the production of printing inks containing, for example, nanosilver, which are intended for use with ink systems in printed electronics.

The designed system consists of following devices:

  • manifold delivering powder to the mixers
  • mixers
  • set of argon and air supply pipes to selected points of the system
  • bulk tank
  • automated barrel filling system

The machines for plastics and rubber processing, that we design and execute for individual order placed us in the forefront of Polish industrial companies, so in order to discuss individual inquiries, we invite you to contact our Sales Department.

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