Innovative laboratory rolling mills for research


Our engineers know how important part of industry the research is, therefore, the highest quality laboratory rolling mills for plastics and rubber becomes our designers pride. This time either our product is already working in R&D department of one of the biggest companies in Polish cable-chemistry industry.

The biggest advantage of laboratory rolling mills in plastics industry is its indisputable versatility: a broad range of working parameters enables studies of processing and compounding for the broad scope of plastics and rubber. The essential features of our equipment are its ergonomics and safety of use, and short time of preparation of the device for next test. The rolling mills of Zamak Mercator enables simulation of industrial milling processes in laboratory conditions.


In laboratory mills, the working elements are two heated and cooled rolls, covered with a layer of technical chromium to ensure the highest surface smoothness and hardness. The plastic material is plasticized on the rolls under the influence of heat, and the difference in rotational speeds of the rollers (friction) causes strong shearing of the material, giving a very effective mixing, which is important for the formation of new blends of different materials. The precise control of the process parameters is very important in the research. Therefore, our automation department has developed a highly precise control system, which is controlled by a touch panel located on the device. This allows for constant control of parameters such as temperature, friction, rotation, torque, strength and energy consumption.

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