You say NewEX, you think New Extruder


ZAMAK MERCATOR is a brand, that for years has been associated with challenges. Interesting and complex projects, wider and wider improvement of our skills, broadening of our contact network and primarily creativity and innovation – this is what gives our Company work and intellectual commitment balance.

ZAMAK MERCATOR is proud participant of European project NewEX, which engages solely the most progressive institutions, that are not afraid of innovation and open-minded approach to technical novelties. The venture is attended by universities and companies from the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Portugal and of course Poland - apart from our Company, this prestigious event is attended only by the Lublin University of Technology.

The first, primary aim of the project is to exchange knowledge and experience in extruders design and construction between all participants of the venture. To accomplish it, mutual visits between attendees and also active participation in symposia, conferences and trainings will be necessary.

Next, more demanding, but most importantly, the most interesting goal of the project is to develop, design, build and test a single-screw extruder characterized by atypical innovations such as: grooved feeding zone with variable groove geometry, mechanically rotating cylinder part and specialized geometry of the screw.

The NewEX project will last till the end of 2020 and it brings a lot of emotions. The venture requires great commitment, creativity, timeliness and broadly understood professionalism. But this doesn’t scare us. We are convinced, that knowledge, skills and contacts we make thanks to participation in this honorable initiative of the European Union, will be the beginning of further success of our Company both in Poland and abroad.

In connection with this project we encourage especially students and graduates of Polish technical universities, but not only them, to apply for internships and internships in our Company.

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