Line for extrusion and vulcanization of rubber profiles – ZAMAK MERCATOR and nanocomposites


Nanocomposites are interesting and maybe a bit trendy research topic in all over the world. However, in most cases the huge potential of those modern materials is waiting for the industry to implement it.

Our customer - SPOIWO cooperative from Radom launched large-scale line under the brand ZAMAK MERCATOR i.e. the line for extrusion and vulcanization of porous rubber profiles, which is a part of a project “Implementation of environmentally-friendly technology of elastomeric nanocomposites production using vulcanization” under the European Regional Development Fund. A very innovative project of SPOIWO cooperative achieved very high quotations in implementation of elastomer nanocomposites technologies.



High-grade materials made of porous rubber, are especially challenging in processing. ZAMAK MERCATOR production lines allow to meet the strict quality requirements for the surface smoothness, vulcanization and geometry of the profile throughout the cross-section.

The line consists of:

  • single-screw rubber extruder Ø60 with a head and feed rolls,
  • IR shock oven and IR tunnel oven ensuring even vulcanization of rubber profiles,
  • cooling bath with an environmentally-friendly closed water circuit,
  • caterpillar haul-off,
  • laser meter “in time” able to control profiles geometry with precisement to 2 μm in height and 20 μm in width.

We would like to thank the members of the SPOIWO cooperative for their trust and for choosing the leading Polish manufacturer from other offers. We believe that such actions are changing the image of Polish industry.

If you are interested in this or any other products- please feel free to contact our Sales Department.

*Nanocomposites are composite materials in which at least one dimension of the filler is in nanometric scale (smaller than 100 nm). Thanks to small filler dimensions the contact surface is significantly higher than in conventional composites, because of that fact material has properties previously unattainable e.g. polymer nanocomposites with a strength similar to steel.


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