ZAMAK MERCATOR micro-injectors have been designed to work in laboratories and research units, for example, in the production of various types of thermoplastic sample.

The injection-moulding machine consists of an electrically-heated cylinder, a heated mould, and an electric- or pneumatic- injection system.

All parts exposed to friction by injection moulding are nitrided. The moulds into which the molten polymer is injected are divided, which makes it much easier to remove samples.

The samples can be formed in any shape, and the only limitation is the size of the mould and the capacity of the injection system. The moulds are made entirely of alloy steel. A characteristic feature of our injection moulding machines is the ability to inject samples with a small volume - not exceeding 20ml - a very-important feature when working with expensive plastics.

The injection process is fully automated. Thanks to the microprocessor PLC and the special software designed for the injection-moulding machine, it is possible to control not only the injection force, but also the injection time and pressure, and the cylinder and mould temperatures.

The test results and menus are stored on a USB stick, and then transferred, for example, to a spreadsheet.The device is controlled by a state-of-the-art 10” touch panel. Our micro-injection moulding machine can operate as a stand-alone machine, or be integrated with one of our extruders, in which the initial plasticisation of the material takes place.

Technical specifications