Zamak Mercator Calendar 2016

This work dedicated to friends, co-operators and business partners was developed using maps, plans and drawings from with the first edition of French works published by John Van Meurs'a for the Dutch East India Company, published in Amsterdam in 1680 with the original title:

“Ambassades mémorables de la Compagnie des Indes Orientales des Provinces Unies vers les Empereurs du Japon”.

This work was originally developed by Arnoldus Montanus from the records of the Jesuit mission in Japan in 1649 and 1661. It is considered one of his most important works. Its enormous historical value is built on first-hand information about all aspects of Japanese culture, seen through the eyes of West of that time and depicted with unprecedented accuracy. Another advantage is its illustrations, which represent the apogee of book illustration in the seventeenth century.

Wonderful drawings show among others: incredible palette of Japanese costumes, flora and fauna, religious ceremonies at the temple in Beelden, military technologies, formal meetings of Western ambassadors and members of the Japanese imperial court.

We are confident that presented calendar, apart from practical information, will also become an inspiration to read the whole work of John Van Meurs'a containing many interesting maps, plans and drawings, as it was in previous years.

We wish you a happy and prosperous New Year.

Bogusław Kiszka, Piotr Żyznowski