Zamak Mercator Calendar 2017

Dear Sir or Madam,

We would be probably business and intellectually unfulfilled, if will not prepare for You new calendar for New Year 2017. The cards of the calendar are decorated with selected masterpieces which belong to a collection of the most valuable and the most guarded treasures of the Jagiellonian Library in Krakow.

We would like to present selected copies works of the botanical atlas, horticultural pioneer and the world's first mycologist Charles Kluzjus (Charles de l’Ėcluse, Clusius Carolus, 1526–1609) - French medical and one of the greatest botanists of the sixteenth century. He worked mainly in the Netherlands. As the first ever he created scientific descriptions of plants and he founded in Leiden one of first Europe's botanical gardens.

Libri Picturati is a collection founded in the former Prussian State Library in Berlin holding dozens of albums with paintings, prints, drawings and other kinds of illustrative art techniques. A big part of this collection is in the resources of the Jagiellonian Library since 1947. Libri Picturati collection includes 16 tomes called the Kluzjus collection. It contains 1,142 colorful aquarelles showing 1,860 specimens of plants, fish, insects and dozens of birds. The originals of these sixteenth-century paintings are one of the most valuable works held in the Jagiellonian Library. Kluzjusz to do these aquarelles has employed remarkable Flemish artists. As we can read in Jacek Ślusarczyk’s interview with professors of the Jagiellonian University and Kluzjus works explorers - Alicja and Bogdan Zemankow, in “Tygodnik Powszechny” - many illustrations have been created by Pieter van der Borcht and Jacob van den Corenhuyse. Artists worked in the field, they were inspired by nature and Kluzjusz superintend their work.

Presented aquarelles are in the Jagiellonian Library collection marked as Libri Picturati [A signature 17] and they are from the former Prussian State Library in Berlin collection.

We believe that presented calendar, every day, week and month of 2017 will inspire you more and more, and presented birds will give you a little bit calmness and reverie.

Wishing You all the best and many successes in the New Year,

Bogusław Kiszka
Vice President

Piotr Żyznowski
Chairman of Supervisory Board