3D Printing – Investment in future

3D printing is well-known in architecture but until now house making with this method was just a demonstration.

Students from the Lublin University of Technology just visited ZAMAK MERCATOR

On 18th of May 2018, we had a great pleasure to receive in our headquarters in Skawina a group of students from University of Technology in Lublin. Students belong to the University Science Club and they are constantly deepen their knowledge of plastic processing. Visits in our company was a perfect idea and a possibility to...

Pharmacy science and medical equipment in Zamak Mercator’s product range

On 3rd March 2018 at the Faculty of Pharmacy of the Jagiellonian University in Kraków there was held a lecture by ZAMAK MERCATOR employees as part of the sessions on hot-melt extrusion in Industrial Pharmacy.

ZAMAK MERCATOR and science - a visit by Kraków University of Technology students to our plant

"We believe that science is diverse, and therefore success measures and solutions also have to be diverse; but every time they should result in the same thing - quality”, said Prof. Jarosław Górniak, the Chairman of the National Congress of Science, during a discussion panel on Polish science and the need of higher...

Challenges in the production of filament for 3D printers

In 3D printers working in FDM technology (Fused Deposition Modeling), products are formed by melting the polymer and laying it layer by layer. The raw material in this production are filaments, which are produced by melt extrusion on single-screw extruders (3D printing filament production line is described here) from plastic...

Innovations in the recycling of rubber waste

Each year, 7 million Mg of waste tires is discarded as a hazardous waste, which disposal is one of the current challenges of recycling. Innovative and prospective method of rubber waste disposal is thermo-mechanical regeneration of rubber, which can be carried out in twin-screw extruders.

In search of innovative pharmaceutical (extruder) lines

Pharmaceutical extrusion poses specific challenges to users that are quite different from those observed in the plastic material processing industry.

Problem, solution, consequences

One of the key elements affecting the quality of obtained products and their mechanical properties or appearance is the skillful selection of conditions regarding processing of the plastic materials. The correct choice of extrusion parameters of polymeric materials requires knowledge of their properties, the temperatures at...

Energy-efficient extruders of new generation

A modern design of extruders for plastic materials should have, among other things, the lowest possible consumption of energy per unit of manufactured product. The electricity consumption needed to heat the plasticizing system to the operating temperature and the heat loss to the environment during production, are a significant...

New model of laboratory extruders

The results of the research conducted by Zamak Mercator, especially in the innovative design and innovative performance of laboratory extruders is a response to market demand from consumers who expect better technical parameters of the equipment with regard, in particular, to the diameter of the screw, torque and power of an...

Innovative solutions for IR vulcanization ovens

The innovative line developed by Zamak Mercator enables a process for rubber vulcanization and silicone in an infrared radiation field. The new technology is based on the application of special ovens equipped with IR radiators, which, in comparison to a conventional hot air oven provide more efficient vulcanization with respect...