Zamak Mercator 2021 calendar

Ladies and gentlemen, The passing year 2020 has gone down in history as the year of the emergence of the infectious covid 19 disease, caused by the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus. What will the new year 2021 bring? Will the new reality of 2021 bring back international travels, great exploratory expeditions, visiting...


3D printers filament production line – another satisfied Customer

We are pleased to inform you that we have just finished the installation of our next modern 3D printers filament production line. This is the second ZAMAK MERCATOR line, on which our Client will work.


NEWEX- Skawina october 2019

An opportunity to optimize the plasticizing system when using and obtaining polymer composites with the addition of glass fibers, talc, carbon fibers, chalk and wood flour.


International Trade Fair KOMPOZYT-EXPO® - Krakow 2019

Activities in a particular industry oblige. The 10th jubilee edition of the International Trade Fair for Composite Materials, Technologies and Products KOMPOZYT-EXPO® in Krakow was a very good opportunity for Zamak Mercator for many business meetings, mainly with Polish universities and research units that...


Extruders for rubber and silicone - the latest mixes, the latest equipment

Considering the widespread demand for high-quality rubber products of a varied purpose, more and more emphasis is being put on improving the recipes for rubber mixes. The introduction of ever newer rubber compounds with desirable new properties is also noticeable. The mixture usually includes one of several types...


Hot melt adhesives tests – our 2x24 twin screw extruder

Often, successful tests on our devices are an invitation to further business talks. This was also the this time - another successful tests are behind us. At the end of August, of this year, ZAMAK MERCATOR was visited by a Polish company producing adhesive pest monitoring traps, without the use of...


„Publication list” – new interesting place on our webside

We are pleased to inform you that from now on in the "News" tab on the right, next to "Archive" you will find the "List of publications" icon. This is for us very important tab, which we encourage you to visit.


Client from Sweden has chosen our 3D printers filament production line

After many meetings and tests that took place at our headquarters and at the Client's headquarters in Sweden, we are pleased to announce that they were successful and the Client chose our 3D printers filament production line for special filament dedicated to architects needs.


Tests on out 2x24 twin-screw extruder for plastics

Recently, our company was visited by research entity of the organic chemistry with the intention of testing on our 2x24 twin screw extruder. The aim of the visit was to check whether the product obtained in the extrusion process would have the desired properties as a material that would later be used in the...


Twin-screw extruder 2x24 for pressure sensitive adhesive PSA production

In the last few weeks, in our company were two customers visits who are involved in the production of pressure sensitive adhesives PSA. Each of these meetings was devoted to detailed tests on our 2x24 twin-screw extruder. The technology is completely new and requires elaboration, but innovative solutions and...


Italian clients visit - ecological materials processing

5th June 2019, in ZAMAK MERCATOR company, we conducted an presentation of our machines for Italian customers. Our guests are interested in two industrial lines - one with an extruder fi32 for the production of filament and the second one, intended for granulation and including our twin screw extruder 2x24.


28-31.05.2019 ZAMAK MERCATOR on PLASTPOL fair trades

On May 28-31, 2019, you had the opportunity to meet us personally at the International Fair of Plastics and Rubber Processing PLASTPOL, which took place in Kielce. It was a great opportunity to present our machines, present their work "live" and took creative conversations with a cup of coffee.


Tests on our 3D filament production line for Swedish Client

On April 29, our company was visited by a Swedish company producing a very technologically advanced filament for 3D printers. The company has decided to buy our top product - a filament production line that definitely exceeds the competition products our clients have thought.


3D Printing Days in Kielce

On March 26-28 this year in Kielce, took place the 11th edition of 3D Printing Days. This event is becoming more and more popular among exhibitors and visitors, especially among students of technical schools and universities. ZAMAK MERCATOR – a producer of filament production line, could not miss such an...


ZAMAK MERCATOR laboratory line goes to the Wroclaw University of Science and Technology

ZAMAK MERCATOR machines support science and students development at Polish universities. We are pleased to inform you that the Institute of Production Engineering and Automation at Wroclaw University of Science and Technology has decided to buy our hightech laboratory line.


Zamak Mercator 2019 Calendar

Ladies and Gentelen, With great pleasure, we put our next work on your hands - calendar for 2019, which cards are decorated with drawings from the collection "Album of Confederacy of Barska 1768-1772" by Kajetan Saryusz-Wolski.


Christmas and New Year Wishes

Year 2018 was very succesfull for us. ZAMAK MERCATOR machines have been choosen by large, significant companies and industry leaders among others Grupa Azoty S.A. or PKN Orlen S.A. Offer for scientific unites has become very popular and more and more Technical Universities in Poland and abroad equipped their...


ZAMAK MERACTOR on the „Engineer on the labor market” fairs on Lublin University of Technology

On November 19 this year, we had the pleasure to participate in the "ENGINEERING ON THE LABOR MARKET" fairs organized by the Lublin University of Technology. The fair took place at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and several thousand students participated in it.


ZAMAK MERCATOR & NEWEX – a visit on University of Minho in Portugal.

In Portugal city Guimarães in the Minho region, take place another meetings and congresses organised by participants of prestigious project NEWEX. Representatives of ZAMAK MERCATOR have visited that University and have taken part in interesting lectures.


ZAMAK MERCATOR won the tender of laboratory rolling mill!

We are very pleased to inform you that our company won another tender. This time listed company PCC ROKITA operating in plastics, cosmetics, building and textile industries, has chosen our high-tech laboratory rolling mill for polymer mixture processing with an automatic winding system.  


ZAMAK MERCATOR machines will be use in innovation laboratory tests – Grupa Azoty S.A. has opened a new Research and Development Centre in Tarnów

Our customer – Grupa Azoty S.A. has just oficially opened a new Research and Development Center in their branch in Tarnów, where will be make researches on innovative technologies and modern materials in chemist industry. Among laboratory machines, you can find the most high-tech ZAMAK MERCATOR...


Our laboratory single-screw extruder for plastics has been chosen by the ORLEN SA group!

We are very glad to inform you that as a result of tender we have been chosen to project, produce and deliver our laboratory single-screw extruder fi20 for plastics for ORLEN Laboratorium S.A.


We won the other tender - Wroclaw University of Technology has chosen our laboratory line!

We are very pleased to announce that as a result of the tender we have been chosen as a supplier of a fully equipped and fully automated laboratory line at the Wroclaw University of Technology.


Succuessful tender - our conical twin-screw microextruder and microinjection moulding machine go to Grupa Azoty!

We we have finished the holidays Times with a big success. ZAMAK MERCATOR as a polish producer of extruders and laboratory injection moulding machines has been chosen by Grupa Azoty S.A. to delivery a microinjection moulding machine RIM 20/100 and conical twin-screw microextruder REM-2CA Vertex. These machines are...


AGH University of Science and Technology in Cracow have chosen our single-screw extruder fi16

ZAMAK MERCATOR machines support study and development of students at Polish universities. Our next extruder has just arrived to AGH laboratory.


Two single-screw extruders fi12 – another installation for medical production

Another installation was successful. This time, a Polish-German company joined the group of satisfied ZAMAK MERCATOR customers. The company produces elements of machines which are using for medical procedures for example removal of polyps and foreign object from the body.



We are very glad to inform you that on 7th May 2018 on the most popular nationwide web portal, on Business bookmark, was shared an article about ZAMAK MERCATOR and our products.


Sale Premiere of Zamak Mercator rolling mills on Russian market – rolling mills 200/400

Another Zamak Mercator machine, which as all our products are fully projected and produced in Poland, has been delivered to our client from Russia.


Big installation of our spiral hose production line in medical industry

Another ZAMAK MERCATOR installation was successfull. We have just delivered our fully automated line designed by our team, to big international concern. That means another succes for ZAMAK MERCATOR.


TPU teste on single-screw extruder Ø32

ZAMAK MERCATOR successfully made another very interesting test on peculiar material.


Another NewEX - Lublin University of Technology meeting

As we are actively participating in the NewEX European project, we always eagerly take part in the meetings and conferences connected with this initiative.


A case study on the material for adhesive production, innovative technology, and the reliable ZAMAK MERCATOR equipment

With bigger and bigger profits by Polish companies, we are hearing from companies interested in tests, and, by consequence, our products.


A line for cable coating with plastic (optical fibre) - another ZAMAK MERCATOR installation

New year, new challenges - ZAMAK MERCATOR has designed, made and installed a fully automated line (with its own control and automation).


Further tests on ZAMAK MERCATOR's devices – a recycled mix

The continuous expansion of knowledge driven by new horizons and experiments is what we like most! On this occasion, the study was commissioned by a company working in the pro-ecological sphere.


Tests on a twin-screw, 2x24, laboratory extruder, for the processing of high-filled resins

Research and innovation are the driving force behind every activity, especially in business. In this spirit, we have carried out further successful tests and research in the field of plastics processing.


The Zamak Mercator Calendar for 2018

Ladies and Gentlemen, In keeping with tradition- and New Year, 2018, is no different- we are pleased to present to you with an extraordinary work - Our new, unusual calendar, entirely devoted to the symbol of a free Poland - Marshal Józef Piłsudski!


Co-operation with world renowned brands and unusual materials - This drives us to action!

Despite the approaching end of the year and the holiday atmosphere, we are still moving forward. Our next, very interesting experience was to conduct research for the well-known cosmetics brand L'Oréal.


ZAMAK MERCATOR at the Polish Conference of the Academy of Sciences, Warsaw. Opportunities for Polish Institutions

On November 16th., 2017, representatives of Zamak Mercator took part in the meeting organised by the National Contact Point for Research Programmes of the State Academy of Sciences (PAS) in Warsaw, as part of the NEWEX programme.


Grupa Azoty acquires ZAMAK MERCATOR laboratory granulation line

We are very pleased to inform you that the  Grupa Azoty Zakłady Azotowe Kędzierzyn S.A.,, joined the group of satisfied ZAMAK MERCATOR customers, buying from us a laboratory granulation line.


You say NEWEX, you think Zamak Mercator

We have mentioned in article few months ago, that we have exceptional pleasure to participate in prestigious EU project called NEWEX. It is based on close cooperation between partners from the industrial and academic sectors of universities from different countries of the European Union. The result of the work in...


Medical industry – ZAMAK MERCATOR extruders for medical applications

The loyalty of Clients is built by years with quality of devices and partnership in business. Our so far Client from Bielsko-Biała one more time decided to trust trademark of ZAMAK MERCATOR and bought next piece of our extruder for plastic processing for medical applications. Eventhough the Clients company has its...


3D Printing - Next filament production line at Polish manufacturer

Next dynamically developing Polish company from the Warsaw region, joined the group of holders of our lines. 3D printing in Poland every month increases the scope of application. This in turn increases the demand for 3D filament production.


Plastpol 2017 and shows the plant in Skawina

Ladies and Gentleman, We are glad that you can visit this year's Plastpol 2017 fair to get acquainted with the equipment of many companies from home and abroad. It is true that the dominant part of the exhibitors confined with presenting the stands without the participation of working machinery and equipment,...


Better solutions Zamak Mercator - mixer system with recirculating gas system and packing station

In April this year the company Zamak Mercator, has put into use for one of the european chemical consortium, an innovative mixer system with recirculating gas system and packing station. Designed and executed line will work for leader in metalic powder pigments and also in paints and varnishes. . Due to the nature...


Innovative laboratory rolling mills for research

Our engineers know how important part of industry the research is, therefore, the highest quality laboratory rolling mills for plastics and rubber becomes our designers pride. This time either our product is already working in R&D department of one of the biggest companies in Polish cable-chemistry industry.


You say NewEX, you think New Extruder

ZAMAK MERCATOR is a brand, that for years has been associated with challenges. Interesting and complex projects, wider and wider improvement of our skills, broadening of our contact network and primarily creativity and innovation – this is what gives our Company work and intellectual commitment balance.


Line for extrusion and vulcanization of rubber profiles – ZAMAK MERCATOR and nanocomposites

Nanocomposites are interesting and maybe a bit trendy research topic in all over the world. However, in most cases the huge potential of those modern materials is waiting for the industry to implement it.


Zamak Mercator with another laboratory extruder in the service of science

New 2017 Year has begun for ZAMAK MERCATOR in exceptionally successful way. We are very proud that in our register appeared an another project for development of Polish science – new twin-screw laboratory extruder with screw diameter of Ø12 mm.


Zamak Mercator Calendar 2017

Dear Sir or Madam, We would be probably business and intellectually unfulfilled, if will not prepare for You new calendar for New Year 2017. The cards of the calendar are decorated with selected masterpieces which belong to a collection of the most valuable and the most guarded treasures of the Jagiellonian...


New ZAMAK MERCATOR extruder for rubber processing

We are pleased to announce the commissioning of another modern extruder for rubber processing – the Rubber Black 90 with a cross-head especially for Cooper Standard. The device under ZAMAK MERCATOR brand will work with synthetic rubber EPDM on rubber hoses coating.


ZAMAK MERCATOR Filament Production Line again wins customers hearts

In the middle of winter-christmass season, we are happy to inform that our next 3D printer filament production line under ZAMAK MERCATOR brand has been commissioned. The Mifon Company from Grodzisk Mazowiecki has joined the group of our customers.


Cracovian students learn about ZAMAK MERCATOR innovations

In cooperation ZAMAK MERCATOR with Cracow University of Technology, there was another educational-practical visit for senior year students at the Faculty of Chamical Engineering and Technology on the Cracow University of Technology.


Another educational-practical course for Polish students

A sophomore year students at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering of Częstochowa University of Technology have visited our company on 14 November 2016.


The new model extruders for plastics ø20

Extrusion is among the methods of processing plastics the most importance, as it processed more than half produced materials.


The new extruder for rubber mixtures!

History extrusion technology dates back to the early nineteenth century. In 1820 in England, Thomas Hancock wanting to recover the remains of rubber product which is occupied - invented "mastykator." So they were developed first extruder and though for decades a lot has changed in the construction of extrusion...


II Fair of Entrepreneurship - Education, Work, Future

5th October it took place the second edition of the Fair of Entrepreneurship, organized by The Municipal Council in Skawina. The theme of the fair was education, career prospects and the future of today's youth.


Zamak Mercator has participated in a scientific conference.

Today was completed Third Edition of Scientific and Technical Conference Polymers - Science - Industry. Its organizers were Czestochowa University of Technology, Department of Polymer Processing Institute of Mechanical Technology, and Society of Plastics Converters Polymer SIMP.


Scientific-Technical Conference

On 19-21 September 2016 Lgota Murowana will be held III Scientific and Technical Conference Polymers - Science - Industry. Its organizers are the Czestochowa University of Technology, Department of Polymer Processing Institute of Mechanical Technology, and Society of Plastics Converters Polymer SIMP. 


Award for ZAMAK Mercator on the XX Fair PLASTPOL

On 17-20 May 2016 Zamak Mercator presented innovative products during the jubilee XX International Fair of Plastics and Rubber PLASTPOL.


Co-operation with ABB

Zamak Mercator performs research in the field of processing plastic materials and rubber.


Plastpol 2016 - pavilion D, stand no. 59

Welcome to the presentation of machines offered by Zamak Mercator at the XX International Fairs for Processing Plastic Materials and Rubber PLASTPOL 2016


Specialist tests of plastic materials

Between 21 – 22 of April 2016 we performed extrusion tests of plastic material with additives for SANTA MAROZZA.


Expansion to the East

Zamak Mercator made another filament production line for 3D printers. This time, the buyer was ORDA Ltd., a Ukrainian company with its headquarters in Lviv.


Zamak Mercator league promotion

The football representation of Zamak Mercator once again gives us reason for pride and satisfaction.



Zamak Mercator is proud to present its new company website.


Maximum precision and compact design

Zamak Mercator has gained enormous experience during the many years of its activity in the field of designing and constructing machines, introducing further modifications that improve the performance and functionality of manufactured extruders.


Polymer Fibers for special purposes

Researchers from the Laboratory of Optical Fiber Technology, Maria Curie-Skłodowska University (UMCS) in Lublin, for many years have lead research projects with success on an international scale.


Manufacturer's satisfaction

The first quarter of the year brought another realization, this time for Tristone Flowtech Poland, an international company of the automotive branch.


Zamak Mercator at the forefront of the group!

Zamak Mercator stands not only for high-precision innovative machinery and equipment, but also a highly professional team that always pursues its objective. We highly focus on active relaxation following the principle "in a healthy body, a healthy mind."


Zamak Mercator 2016 Calendar

Continuing the tradition of over a decade now, Zamak Mercator has once again released a magnificent wall calendar.


The dynamic development in the field of 3D printing

The pre-Christmas period turned out to be extremely busy for Zamak Mercator. The company successfully launched another filament production line for 3D printers in Hrubieszów, Lubelskie Province.


Students in practical training at Zamak Mercator

On 18 November 2015, one of the regular meetings was held and organized within the framework of cooperation between Zamak Mercator and the Cracow University of Technology. Fifth grade students of the Faculty of Engineering and Chemical Technology visited the production department.


November began with another success!

Zamak Mercator delivered a modern laboratory line with twin-screw extruder RES - 2PC/16 A to the University of Maria Curie-Skłodowska in Lublin, on 3 November.


Zamak Mercator receives the Symbol of Innovation 2015

We are very pleased to announce that Zamak Mercator Sp. z o.o. was awarded the title "Symbol of Innovation 2015".


Another filament production line - the success of an innovative product in Gliwice

3D printing technology in recent years has proved that it becomes a craft of the future - thanks to the rapid preparation of imagined "prototype" it is possible to produce components for which traditional methods are too cost or impossible.


The winning streak for filament production line - new user in Pulawy

At the end of June Zamak Mercator produce another filament production line dedicated to 3D printers. This time one of the buyers was modern Science and Technology Park in Pulawy.


Strands production line dedicated for 3D printers selled to RICO 3D

Simultaneously to the presentation of our equipment during PLASTPOL International Fair in Kielce, we delivered a complete production line for strands production dedicated to 3D printers.


Line delivery for WPC granulation and WPC profiles production for INTERMET Sp. z o.o.

ZAMAK MERCATOR Sp. z o.o. delivered to PPU INTERMET Sp. z o.o. two innovative, environmentally friendly production lines for manufacturing composite materials based on wood flour (WPC).


Made in Poland - extruder for the Serbian branch of Cooper Standard

Precision of manufacture pays off. This time, we delivered another EHP-32 extruder for plastic materials - our customer was Cooper Standard, in Serbia.


Delivery of innovative devices to: Polimarky, Synthos and Sabanci University in Turkey

March 2015 was an extremely busy period for Mercator Zamak Sp. z o.o. - in this short time, we delivered three complete, modern and innovative machines and production lines for our business partners in Poland and abroad.


New year, new challenges – delivery of extruder for Cooper Standard

Zamak Mercator inaugurated the New Year 2015 with the delivery of the industrial single-screw extruder EHP-32 to Cooper Standard Poland Sp. z o.o. in Bielsko-Biała. Not for the first time, Cooper Standard, a global leader in the production of components for the automotive industry, places their trust in us.


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